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hen and chicks

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Nancy M28-May-00 07:54 PM EST   
barb28-May-00 08:05 PM EST   
Rose02-Jun-00 11:20 PM EST   
Marilyn04-Jun-00 12:10 AM EST   
lk05-Jun-00 06:33 PM EST   
M Holthaus21-Apr-01 08:13 AM EST 7   
ingrid21-Apr-01 10:24 AM EST 3   

Subject: hen and chicks
From: Nancy M
Date: 28-May-00 07:54 PM EST

I recently planted a Hen & Chicks that my Mom had given me. It is in a mostly shaded area. Is this okay? Will it bloom this year? What will it look like? Any other information would be greatly appreciated.

Subject: RE: hen and chicks
From: barb
Date: 28-May-00 08:05 PM EST

It will grow great in hot,dry or shady,moist.It will send off little "chicks" and grow bigger and bigger. It can flower with pretty pink flowers on long stems. A terra cotta pot planted with looks nice. It's a great little plant, very tough!

Subject: RE: hen and chicks
From: Rose
Date: 02-Jun-00 11:20 PM EST

Hens and Chicks are very hardy and will grow in deep shade or heavy sun, dry or wet. I have even seen them growing up the base of a tree. The ones growing under my outdoor tap are not as big as the other ones, but still quite nice. I don't really like the flowers, but they are funky.

Subject: RE: hen and chicks
From: Marilyn
Date: 04-Jun-00 12:10 AM EST

My hens and chicks that have been planted in some sun or mosttly sun look much nicer than ones planted in shade. The shaded ones take on an unruly look. I place my hens in rocks from Georgian Bay that have holes naturally in them and they grow quite well.

Subject: RE: hen and chicks
From: lk
Date: 05-Jun-00 06:33 PM EST

I planted hens and chicks in full sun and heavy clay soil last year. They did fine. However, with our mild winter of little snow, the deer went after them in early spring. They didn't get them all and I now have hens and chicks popping up all over (from where the deer dropped some I presume).

Subject: RE: hen and chicks
From: M Holthaus
Zone: 7
Date: 21-Apr-01 08:13 AM EST

But if planted in a pot, will they over-winter OK in a quite cold climate? I know they will survive in the ground, I'm just worried about in a pot?

Subject: RE: hen and chicks
From: ingrid
Zone: 3
Date: 21-Apr-01 10:24 AM EST

I plant mine with other succulents in gritty soil in terra cotta flowerpots or shallow 5" terra cotta planters. In late fall I just nestle them into depressions in my beds with compost and dry leaves up to their soil level. A good snowcover does the rest. Maybe I don't have to bury them, just place them in a sheltered area? They've handled 2 winters just fine.

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