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Katie26-May-00 11:15 AM EST   
Lyn26-May-00 09:50 PM EST   
Katie27-May-00 06:57 PM EST   
Joanne31-May-00 03:26 PM EST   

Subject: centipede-like things
From: Katie
Date: 26-May-00 11:15 AM EST

I am pretty unknowledgeable when it comes to plants and bugs, I hope someone can offer me some guidance. I just purchased 2 house plants and when I went to transfer them to a pot they had crawly centipede-like things in them. Can i kill these things or should I just return the plants. I am also afraid they will kill my other houseplants. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer me.

Subject: RE: centipede-like things
From: Lyn
Date: 26-May-00 09:50 PM EST

I don't know if they will hurt the plant but I personally would return the plants. There are lots of reputable places to buy plants and it isn't worth the risk bringing pests into your home.

Subject: RE: centipede-like things
From: Katie
Date: 27-May-00 06:57 PM EST

I know you're right! I really wanted to keep them!!! Thanks!

Subject: RE: centipede-like things
From: Joanne
Date: 31-May-00 03:26 PM EST

Eeeewww yuck. I hate when this happens. Everytime I buy an orchid, the same thing happens. Do they have long black bodies? I found one crawling along the floor into the kitchen one day. I still get goosebumps thinking about it. If it is the long black bodied ones, I don't think they will hurt the plant as they seem to live on other things and just like hanging out in decaying matter. Buying from a reputable plant place helps, but, as in the case of orchids, they live in decaying matter so it is really hard to eliminate pests altogether. I will admit that the orchids I buy from a recognized breeder do tend to have less wildlife than the one I bought from the local home improvement store. They seem to drown when I water my orchids. I immerse the orchid in water for a few hours. When I remove the pot from the water, I'll find these guys, in different stages of growth, floating in the water - dead.

Again, eeewwwww yuck.

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