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Subject: Cure for Mushrooms in Lawn
From: Gloria
Date: 24-May-00 09:41 AM EST

Last year I saw a show on tv that recommended a cure for mushrooms in the lawn. You sprinkle (dusting) a little powdered laundry soap on top of the caps. This kills them, simple and cheap, it really works!!!

Subject: RE: Cure for Mushrooms in Lawn
Date: 24-May-00 12:33 PM EST

Why not simply pick them up as you'll be having to pick up the dead soapy mass anyway? The mushroom caps are merely the fruiting bodies of the fungus that is living off of debris underneath your lawn. There is nothing one should do about this fungus (there's nothing one can really do except dig up the lawn and remove the debris), so instead, we simply mow the caps along with the lawn or pick them. Easier and cheaper then spreading laundry soap on the lawn!

I wonder who would've suggested such a thing on tv? Can't begin to imagine what their gardening background could be to waste people's time with such an idea!

Good luck and enjoy your detergent-free lawn!

Subject: RE: Cure for Mushrooms in Lawn
From: H.H.Gardener
Date: 07-Jun-00 11:16 PM EST

The use of laundry detergent (Tide) is one suggested by Jerry Baker, who is a Master Gardener that uses natural organic products for lawn care. I have used the Tide trip and it works without negative results. Put it in a hand held spreader and put it on the middle output. Good luck.

Subject: RE: Cure for Mushrooms in Lawn
From: Laurel
Date: 10-Jun-00 10:38 PM EST

HH - Thanks for the resource. We trust Jerry Baker for so many useful tips around our lawn and garden. I remember mother always batteling mushrooms in her lawn with pure nitrogen and good ol' hand picking that never seemed to work. I'm headed to the store for some TIDE!


Subject: RE: Cure for Mushrooms in Lawn
Date: 11-Jun-00 11:40 AM EST

In B.C. alone there are about 400 Master Gardeners. I wonder how many are throughout Canada? Well over a thousand?

I didn't mean to put down information coming from a source whose words you so respect. Why didn't you say who the source was when you quoted him?

Soap wouldn't work here but if it works in your area, then good for you to have discovered that tip and for sharing it with us.

I wish people would specify where they were writing from so that others wouldn't waste time putting together replies that may not be applicable to them. There are many of us who put lots of thought in our replies and will research answers to back up our experience. If I offended anyone it's because niether my good intentions nor did my explanation of the biology of mushrooms come across clearly in my writing.

Again if Tide works for you, of course use it!! There just may be a better solution for someone else.

Subject: RE: Cure for Mushrooms in Lawn
From: Lucy Matheson
Date: 02-Oct-00 10:21 PM EST

Have been having a terrible time trying to get rid of these stubborn things. Thanks for the tip, never would have thought of using detergent.

Subject: RE: Cure for Mushrooms in Lawn
From: Marg
Date: 03-Oct-00 09:03 AM EST

I was just wondering if the use of the detergent would have any bad effects on the lawn? If it doesn't, this is a great tip.

Subject: RE: Cure for Mushrooms in Lawn
From: Marcia
Date: 06-Oct-00 11:10 PM EST

Maybe get a good mushroom book and find out if they're good to eat!

Subject: RE: Cure for Mushrooms in Lawn
From: Heini
Date: 12-Oct-00 02:14 PM EST

We have been picking the fairy ring mushrooms all summer. They taste good, use only the caps, the stems are to tough. It sure keeps the growth down. No fuss, no muss.

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