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Tower Poplar vs Swedish Aspen

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Karen10-Jul-15 11:41 AM EST 3a   
Goron16-Oct-16 11:58 AM EST 3a   

Subject: Tower Poplar vs Swedish Aspen
From: Karen
Zone: 3a
Date: 10-Jul-15 11:41 AM EST

So here is a post from awhile back,Tower poplars have shallow roots that seem to go across yards about 12 inches under the soil. They also sucker. Swedish aspens are cousins to the poplar. They grow just as fast, do not sucker and have deep roots (they last longer) which do not skim across yards. In my town, neighbours get quite upset when Poplars are planted. Aspens, because of all the benefits, cost about three times more than Poplars. If you want fast-growing trees, without spending so much on Aspens, the Morden Research Station here in Morden Manitoba has "created" a different type of Poplar called "Prairie Sky". It has all the benefits of the Aspen, but the cost of Tower Poplars. They also grow wider than Tower Poplars, so you do not need as many for a shelter belt or screen. Check them out! I just bought 46 18-inch Prarie Sky Poplars for $2.25 a piece to provide a "fence" around the back of our yard.

i have been searching and looking the difference between the two trees and both are saying that they sucker but n your post here it states that the swedish aspen are non-suckering can you please confirm this

Subject: RE: Tower Poplar vs Swedish Aspen
From: Goron (
Zone: 3a
Date: 16-Oct-16 11:58 AM EST

Hi I planted what I thought were Swedish Aspens 14 years ago in my yard and they have shallow roots that have grown across my yard and they do have suckers.. So I'm not sure if they were or not . They don"t seem to be as wide as Tower Poplars .They are along my backyard and back alley 2 years ago 17 out of 20 start to die ,so I had to cut them own and now have planted some new ones ,not sure what happened to them ,some of them were 12 inches in diameter.

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