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Pests on my virginia creeper

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Teryn 12-Aug-14 11:50 PM EST 3a   
04-Aug-15 12:42 PM EST 2a   
Diane14-Sep-17 04:40 PM EST 3b   

Subject: Pests on my virginia creeper
From: Teryn
Zone: 3a
Date: 12-Aug-14 11:50 PM EST

Hi! I have small pests on my Virginia Creeper! I tried doing a homemade mix of water and soap to get them but it's not working! I did try bug-b-gone and after 3 treatments their population is down, but there are still hundreds of them! They are very tiny, flying with a mottled appearance. They look like leafhoppers but at a fraction of the size. I do have pictures bit I'm new to the site and am unsure how to post them on here! Any suggestions other than take the Virginia creeper down? It's all over my pergola that covers my shade garden. The bugs are settling on the other plants now too!

Subject: RE: Pests on my virginia creeper
Zone: 2a
Date: 04-Aug-15 12:42 PM EST

I have a similar infestation on my beloved Virginia Creepers and they are killing it. Is there a safe remedy for spraying?

Subject: RE: Pests on my virginia creeper
From: Diane
Zone: 3b
Date: 14-Sep-17 04:40 PM EST

can i still treat my Virginia Creeper in Sseptember for a very bad infection of white flies in my creeper? I've tried all kinds of environmental treatment including spraying daily with a hose but they are stipping them bare. They are also in my morning glory. they dont' seem to touch anything else. Should I treat with Malathion? scarey

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