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Doktor Doom - Botanics Insecticide Spray for Plants - Domestic

Donna's Comments

Pyrethrum is approved for Organic Gardening - see www.omri.org/

West Nile Control

Mosquitoes are vectors of west nile virus. - with the recent migration of the West Nile Virus this product will be used extensively by homeowners and facility managers for uses throughout their property.

Doktor Doom Residual Insecticide Spray - Commercial

this same product (Pyrethrum) is approved in the USA to apply to the outside of your clothing to prevent mosquitoes from landing on you - it repels them and if they do not land on you they will die!

Doktor Doom Insecticide Foam for Horses-Domestic

It is just a matter of time for equine West Nile Virus to come into Canada and starts to kill Horses

  1. Highest concentration of pyrethrum available in a PLANT SPRAY in Canada. .20%
  2. For use on: All Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Vines, Trees, Shrubs, House Plants, Ornamental plants etc.

Doktor Doom House & Garden Insecticide Spray-Domestic

  1. 60 day continuous killing action for Cockroaches (Indoors)

  2. Ideal for control of aphids on all vines (Virginia Creepers, English Ivy, Hops etc.) and most other plants with infestations of these insects-one application should do the job if applied according to label instructions.

  3. Not for use on Food Crops.

  4. Excellent all round Residual control on all your indoor/outdoor plants, trees & shrubs. Is approved for residual control of insects on your patio, deck etc.

Doktor Doom Total Release Fumigators- Commercial

  1. 50 gram – great for wasp nests under steps & porches or to fumigate your average size room up to 10’ x 10’ (greenhouses, attics, crawl spaces etc). Flushes out and eradicates insects pest on contact.

  2. 150 gram Fumigator- great for larger rooms (home, cabins, RV’s, small airplanes, boats, larger attics, greenhouses, garages etc). Will fumigate areas up to 15’ x15’.

  3. 400 gram Fumigators- great for areas with heavy infestations, ideal for use in larger areas and will fumigate areas up to 25’ x 25’.

The biggest benefit to using the Total Release Fumigators is that they are made with pyrethrum which biologically breaks down in a couple of hours (providing very fast re-entry times to fumigated areas and they really do not have a strong odor- which also provides the homeowner with a peace of mind as there are not any long lasting obnoxious odors lingering in the air- and does not leave any residuals. If used in conjunction with the Residual Products will provide the Homeowner with a bug free environment. Use the fumigants first to flush out and eradicate and than follow up with the Residuals to prevent further enter of pests into your home environment.

Doktor Doom Residual Insecticide Spray- Commercial

  1. The only product in Canada approved for Residual Control of Mosquitoes

  2. Excellent residual control of most insects with an easy to use injection tube to apply to Cracks & Crevices.

  3. Very versatile label- restaurants, hospitals, aircrafts, boats, trains, truck, barns etc as well as is for use on Livestock, Horses and sheep.

Doktor Doom Insecticide Foam for Horses-Domestic

  1. Shaving cream foam lather for application to Horses. Kills & repels 100's of Insects.

  2. Foam application allows the applicator to control application areas and to apply an evenly distributed amount of product- no waste.

  3. As all animals are a mans best friend, Doktor Doom Insecticide Foam for Horses label clearly indicates the love in a relationship between man and his animals (either gender).

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