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Introducing a New Safer Gardening Glove Made

for Women by Spidex Gloves, LLC
by Brenda Pando
March 3, 2013

Spidex Gloves, LLC is officially launching their new product, Spidex Gloves, which are made specifically with women in mind. The gloves feature a patented cuff that seals when the gloves are removed from your hands effectively preventing spiders and bugs from entering the gloves when not in use.

Brenda Pando, inventor of Spidex Gloves, was looking for a solution to a common problem many face when putting on a pair of gloves – Pando did not want to find unwanted creatures inside her gloves. “I got tired of shaking and twisting my gloves in frustration and I would often just throw them away and go buy another pair,” said Pando. Her solution was to create a cuff for a glove that would seal completely in order to prevent critters from entering the gloves and provides peace of mind to the consumer.

Pando had her own experience with a spider inside a pair of work gloves when her adult child was bitten by a Black Widow that was hiding inside a pair of gloves. “We spent about four hours in the hospital while the poison passed through his body. The whole experience was terrible and it validated my idea even further. It made me work harder to get Spidex Gloves on the market to help prevent this from happening to other people.”

It’s very comforting to know that your gloves have been sealed when not in use, making it safe to put them on. In addition to the new, innovative feature of the sealing cuff, Spidex Gloves are comfortable and stylish. The gloves are made with a two way stretch backing paired with a synthetic leather palm providing maximum comfort and flexibility. The gloves also feature a convenient brow wipe at the back of the thumb and are gathered at the wrist to help prevent dirt from getting inside.

Spidex Gloves are available for purchase online at

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