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Premier Tech Horticulture Joins Garden Media Group’s

Roster of Top Green Living Clients
by Garden Meia Group
February 28, 2013

Garden Media Group, named one of the Top 25 PR firms by the Philadelphia Business Journal, continues to grow. Specializing in the lawn and garden industry, the public relations firm recently added leading soil amendment producer, Premier Tech Horticulture to their roster.

Susan McCoy, president of Garden Media, comments, “Premier Tech offers solutions to make gardeners more successful. The PRO-MIX® line is the very best soil for growing plants if you follow the golden rule of gardening: create a $10 dollar hole for a $1 plant.” PRO-MIX® is a complete line of growing media and peat moss-based soil amendments. A variety of mixes are offered, such as organic, OMRI-listed growing mixes, to high-quality potting mixes, to specialized planting mixes. Many of the growing mixes offer the benefits of all-natural ingredient MycoActive™. MycoActive™ is MYCORRHIZAE™, a natural plant stimulant which assists the plant's root system and increases both nutrient and water uptake, for improved plant growth and resistance to stresses.

“We wanted an innovative public relations firm that understands our market and our end customer,” said Chantal Duchesneau, Marketing & Communications Director at Premier Tech Horticulture. “Garden Media’s track record demonstrates they are deeply connected to our industry yet constantly staying ahead of marketing trends.”

Specially redesigned for spring 2013, the PRO-MIX® retail products will continue to offer high-quality, ready-to-use solutions that can be trusted to deliver outstanding results, while strongly promoting sustainability in their operation.

“More and more we are attracted to businesses that make positive environmental contributions to their industry,” McCoy adds. “Premier Tech leads the way in international efforts toward responsible peatland management.” For many years, sustainable peatland management and the protection of ecosystems such as its sphagnum peat moss harvesting sites have been firm commitments at Premier Tech Horticulture. Thus, it actively participates and leads the way regarding the regeneration of harvested peat bogs and the protection of their ecosystem.

Garden Media Group specializes in the home, garden, horticulture, outdoor living, lawn and landscape industries, and offers innovative PR campaigns designed to secure top media placements and partnerships with both traditional and social media. For gardening tips, tricks, and new product announcements, visit their blog.

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