Stokes Seeds 2013 Flowers and Vegetables of Merit
by Stokes Seeds
November 25, 2012

Flowers and Vegetables of Merit



A new species of dwarf spreading begonia, Santa Cruz - Sunset is ideal for hanging baskets or garden landscaping in full sun or partial shade. Dark green leaves are arrow shaped and large bright orange-red blooms are conical in appearance. Regular green leaf Nonstops are now available in pelleted seed only, for easier seeding. Nonstop Red replaces Deep Red in the series.


A grower favorite, Garda Fireworks has been added, plus a unique Gaultheria Very Berry for fall potted sales.


A unique chocolate tricolor, Chocolate Covered Cherry features a mahogany leaf background with a rose center and green edge. A new Fuseable - Chocolate Symphony combines Chocolate Mint with Versa Lime to produce an easy combo (seeds of contrasting colors in the same pellet).


Fleuroselect & AAS Winner for 2013, Cheyenne Spirit combines 6 colors which bloom from seed the first year. Perennial in zones 3-9.


A new color for the Kiss series, Frosty Red has contrasting silver colored leaves. New Day series adds Bright Mix which includes orange, pink, yellow and bronze. Both are excellent for the 4 in/10 cm bedding plant/pot market and hanging baskets.


A valuable additional color for the Maverick series is Maverick Rose. Also used in the production of 4 in/10 cm pots and containers.


Semi-double azalea flowered AAS Winner, Twinny Peach, is now joined by 6 new colors and a Twinny Series Mix. The 7 colors plus a mix Arrow series is now our best intermediate height, fragrant type which is earlier than the Rockets and can be harvested in Spring or Fall.


Both Accent Premium Pastel Mix and Accent Premium Mystic Mix have graduated from the regular Accents to the more refined Premium series where colors are more uniform in flowering time and have better base branching habits. The Impreza series has added a new mix, Intense, which includes red, violet plus the unique single color, punch. The first true trailing impatiens, Tumbler series provides more reliable colors in hanging baskets and mixed containers on shady patios and balconies, where other varieties may struggle due to insufficient light. Tumbler contains 8 separate colors. Finally, the best professional choice in New Guinea or Sun Impatiens - Divine Mix has a strong tolerance to Downy Mildew and better overall germination. A formula blend of 8 colors and contrasting leaf colors.


A major improvement has been made for earlier spring flower production - which means full color earlier spring sales than regular varieties. Spring Matrix series includes 16 colors and bicolors plus 3 formula mixes. This series has superior performance under short daylengths, plus all the excellent traits of the regular Matrix series. Trailing Pansies are now available! Both the Cool Waves and the WonderFalls provide very dwarf, spreading (18-24 in/45-60 cm) plant habits with medium size flowers that make better pansy hanging baskets than traditional varieties. For more information see page 76.


Tall Salvia Lighthouse Purple is a new annual color for the Lighthouse series which is taller than Salsa Purple.


A tropical color mix of white, shell pink and rosy dawn - Tropicana Mix joins the Easy Wave series. Trilogy series is a new spreading/trailing petunia that has tighter bloom development than Easy Wave or Avalanche types, which provides a very nice tight, cascading appearance for hanging baskets. The Trilogys have a long shelf life when sold to chain stores and 6 separate colors are available. A new Grandiflora series, EZ Rider, will eventually replace the Aladdin series. It contains 5 colors. It provides excellent cold tolerant growing capabilities and better airflow through base branching plants plus 1/2 the PGR's to control stretching. Fuseables, available in 3 new combinations on Page 78. Two unique Sophistica colors for 2013 are Blackberry and Lime Green.


Two new colors for the Akila series - a White/Purple eye and Purple bicolor, now provides 5 colors to this outstanding series.


A unique new Happy Trails Series - spreads, cascades or trails 14-18 in/35-45 cm. Use for hanging baskets or as a ground cover. Available in two different color mixes.


The first ever red semi-hardy (zone 5) rudbeckia from seed, Cherry Brandy blooms all summer long and can be found on page 96.


Enjoy medium size, high sugar, Everbearing Toscana all summer. Unique dark rose flowers, hardy perennial plants are great for hanging baskets.


Check out our Viola page for 4 new Sorbet and 4 new Sorbet XP colors for 2013.

VINCA An AAS Winner for 2013, Jams N' Jellies Blackberry - a dark purple (almost black) with a white eye on a slightly taller 16 in/40 cm plant.


Two additions to the Quartz series - Waterfall Mix and single color Pink.



Two main season green bush beans for commercial growers. Bowie is a 56 day maturity fresh market or shipping type with very straight dark green 5.5 in/14 cm pods that are primarily 60% 4 sieve. Upright plants keep pods well off the ground, and are easy to harvest mechanically. Good tolerance to CBMV; BCTV; Halo Blight; Bacterial Brown Spot. BA0958 is a medium green bush bean; with outstanding straight 5.75 in/14.5 cm extra long pods that are very smooth and high quality. Upright plants have an improved tolerance to weather stress. Use fresh market or processing. Tolerant to CBMV with an intermediate tolerance to Bacterial Brown Spot. SV1003GF our 56 day wax bean has a good tolerance to CBMV and an intermediate tolerance to Bacterial Brown Spot. Use for fresh market, cut beans and fancy packs. Medium size, upright plant keeps straight yellow pods off the ground. Pods are high quality, sieve size average 3 to 4 that provides a nice slim 5.25 in/14 cm yellow pod with good shelf life. Hand pick or machine harvest.


Lieutenant is a widely adapted, 80 day, mid-early maturing type, adapted to warm seasons. Erect plants have very few side shoots. Medium sized main stems have reduced problems with hollow stem. Smooth heads have nice sized, dark green beads and minimal “cat eye”. Crowns have less bract leaves in the head, during hot weather.


Unique pastel colored Swiss Chards plus red and white types express these colors in the seeding stage and become more intense after 5 weeks. Celebration has semi savoy dark green leaves at maturity with multicolored petioles which include red, yellow, pink, orange and white. Colors are slightly more intense than Bright Lights. Peppermint – Dark green leaves are fully savoyed. Unique colored petioles are distinctive pink with white-striped lower stems.


An outstanding new second early in our trials, Terzolo hybrid matures in about 62 days from transplants. Heads are uniform in size, dome shaped, very smooth, bright white in color with good curd density. Medium sized plants provide sufficient wrapper leaves.


Romance a high quality hybrid Nantes that can be hand or machine harvested. Roots mature in 60 days, average 8 in/20 cm, are very uniform, smooth, cylindrical and medium orange in exterior color. Interior color is an outstanding orange color. Roots are very straight, have blunt tips and have an excellent sweet taste and flavor. Medium tops have good attachment. Trooper is a 63 day high quality hybrid Imperator with a slight taper, excellent exterior and interior color. Roots are very smooth, average 9-11 in/ 23-27 cm with good taste. Use for early fresh market cellos on mineral soils. Erect dark green very strong tops are recommended for mechanical harvesting. Good tolerances to ALT and PM. Rebel – High quality hybrid 9-12 in/ 23-30 cm in length at mid-season maturity. Roots are slower growing and can be used for cellos on mineral soils. Very smooth roots have excellent exterior color and taste. Dark green tops are tolerant to ALT and PM.


SV4719CS is a uniform dark green hybrid gynoecious slicer, averages 8 x 2.25 in/23 x 6 cm cylindrical blocky fruit. Moderately vigorous plants are highly tolerant to ZYMV, ALS, ANTH, SCAB and intermediate tolerances to DM and PM.


A new head lettuce matures in 88 days. Caretaker M.I.- Heads are slightly savoyed, have good taste. Wrapper leaves provide protection from tip burn.


Avatar is a 73 day Eastern shipper with great taste and tolerances to Fusarium 0, 1, 2 PM 1, 2. Oval, tan 8 lb/3.6 kg has high sugars (brix), smooth, coarse netting and deep orange interiors. Dream Dew is a uniform 76 day Honeydew. Round, large 8 lb/3.6 kg fruit pack “4” size. Light beige, light cream exteriors, interiors are cream/green. High sugar taste. Tolerant to Fusarium 1, 2 PM 1, 2.


SV4643NT 110 days. Large round bulb has medium to dark red exterior with good internal color. Suitable for transplants or direct seeding in all onion areas of Northeast and Eastern USA and Canada. Medium storage potential.


Superette Sweet 60 days from transplants. Sets continuously. 8.5 x 2 in/22 x 2 cm large, long bright fruit. Great taste. Sweet Arrow 52 days. Our earliest maturing Hungarian Sweet Banana. Longer, earlier, creamy yellow banana, 8.5 x 2 in/ 22 x 5 cm. Miniature sweet bells” are now in demand by bedding plant growers who use these varieties for single plant gallon size sales. Each plant should provide an average of 20-40 small, 1.75 in/4.5 cm blocky fruit by early Sept. Thick walls, good taste Tinker Bell Red and Tinker Bell Yellow. HOT


Two varieties are new for 2013. Cayenetta - 85-90 days, is a mildly spicy chili hybrid. Pendant fruit provides high yields of 3-4 in/8-10 cm red fruit. AAS Winner. The new hybrid Habaneros are two weeks earlier than O/Ps, slightly larger and only half as hot (200,000sc). Rey Pakal is one of these new hybrids. Fruit are slightly larger 2.5 x 1.5/8 x 4 cm. Vigorous upright plants fruit mature green to red.


Mrs. Wrinkles 100 days, has deep wrinkled ribs, a burnt orange exterior color, 14-18 lbs/6-6.8 kg and strong handles. F1 hybrid. Orange Rave 100 days. Dark orange colored 20 lb/9 kg globe shaped, moderately ribbed fruit have very strong dark green handles. PM tolerant. Little Giant 95 days. Small 2-4 lb/1-2 kg pie type. Dark orange color, long green handles for children. PM tolerant.


Medium sized, round red with excellent snow-white interiors. Red Jewel, 22 day F1 hybrid has non-fading, thick skin. Tops average 8 in/ 20 cm. Used for bunching, cellos and slicing. Intermediate tolerances to Fusarium and DM.


XTH20173 is an early bicolor GS. Dark green husks, ears average 8 in/ 20cm in length, and 14-18 rows of contrasting colored kernels, with good tip fill and husk cover, straight rows, blunt tips. Cobs are waist high, snap easily and have great taste and flavor. Good seed vigor. Tolerances to SW, Rust (Rp-GDJ) XTH2074 is a 74 day bicolor GS with dark green husks, nice kernel contrast, cylindrical 8 in/ 20 cm ear, 16-20 rows and blunt tips. Good tip fill and husk cover. Cobs are waist high and snap easy. Great taste and flavor. Tolerances to SW and Rust (Rp-GDJ), Fantastic XR matures in 75 days and is a main season GS bicolor. Larger 8.25 in/ 21 cm, cylindrical ear, 16-20 straight rows, blunt tips, well filled to the tips, good husk cover. Waist high ears snap easy and have superb taste and flavor. Tolerant to SW and Rust (Rp-GDJ). Allure is a 75 day synergystic bicolor with excellent eating quality. It has a refined 8 in/20 cm ear with excellent tip fill; great husk cover and flag leaves plus dark green husks. Tolerant to Rust and SW. SC1102, second early bicolor synergystic. Ears average 7 1/2-8 in/19-20 cm, 16-18 rows. Good soil vigor, works better on heavier soils. Waist high ears are easy to pick. Good husk cover and tip fill. Illusion – An early synergystic white. Dark green husks, excellent flag leaves, nice plant. Cobs average 7.5-8 in/19-20 cm, high sugar taste and eating quality. Tolerant to Rust and SW.


Pink Cupcake VFFN/TMV 72 days from transplant. Semi-determinate strong vines are suitable for short stakes, high tunnels or row crop culture. High yielding 8-9 oz/227-255gr. rose pink fruit are deep globe shaped, have excellent beefsteak interior color and great flavor. Plants provide good leaf cover. Great disease tolerance.


Faerie 70 days. Unique globe shaped watermelon with yellow skin, pinkish red flesh and a high 11-12 high sugar content. Fruits average 4-6 lb/2-3 kg. AAS Winner. Commercial seedless type Distinction 80 day. Globe shaped 15-18 lb/6.5-8 kg fruit have dark red firm flesh. Use for fresh cuts in chain stores. Tolerant to Fusarium 1 and ANTH. Ask for prices of 1000 seed originator pkgs.

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