James Farmer's Latest Book Displays the Power of Wreaths
by Garden Media Group
November 12, 2012

Lifestyle expert, James Farmer knows the power of an enchanting entryway. That is why, this fall, Farmer eagerly releases his fourth book, Wreaths for All Seasons.

In his new book, Farmer redefines traditional, live wreaths. He demonstrates with practical tips and original ideas how to use one wreath all year long by decorating it with locally accessible seasonal accents.

"Wreaths aren't just for holidays anymore. They are a seasonal representation of our personal charm," Farmer notes. "No longer are greens enough! We've got to think outside the circle."

In Wreathes for All Seasons, Farmer, a contributing editor of Southern Living, provides tailored ideas and inspiration to craft the perfect wreath for the front door, over the mantel, or as a centerpiece.

To capture the essence of the season, Farmer recommends using "grocery store décor," materials from the produce aisle or even from your own garden to create a unique, colorful wreath. His favorite wreath accessories include pomegranates, grapefruit, and even artichokes - either whole or cut in half!

Farmer also gives tips on how to make wreaths from scratch with a bit of florist's wire, greenery and items found in the yard or around the house, like feathers or burlap. Farmer has learned, "Every homeowner is a home designer - some just need a little help along the way!"

Another trick Farmer shares in his new book is how to make one exceptional foundation wreath all-year long. It allows homeowners to make just one wreath and then tweak it to fit the specific time of year.

"Each season has its signature colors, smells, and textures you can work into and change up your basic wreath," he adds.

Farmer will be offering a select number of wreaths from his book for sale on his website, starting next week.

Until then, pick up a copy of Wreaths for All Seasons and transform your front door, mantel, or table into a masterpiece everyone will admire.

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