The Wonders of Amaryllis
October 21, 2012

Anyone who sees these large, glorious, indoor blooming beauties falls in love. The flowers seem to glitter as though they were covered in diamond dust and the variety of colours and flower forms is amazing. It's equally amazing that they're so easy to grow since the results are so spectacular. Those of you who are familiar with the giant-flowered forms may not have seen some of our more uncommon ones. A shame; they're just as easy to grow as the big ones.

Amaryllis originated in Central and South America and have been hybridized since the late 19th century to create the Amaryllis we know today. These hybridizers worked in different parts of the world and, like artists, have developed their own styles. For the past several years we've focused on the Hadeco strains from the Barnhoorn family in South Africa. This year we've added some Dutch hybrids to expand the variety of our selection. The Dutch Amaryllis will come into bloom later than the African varieties, so get some of each type and have Amaryllis in bloom nearly all winter!

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Dugald Cameron

President & Chief Amaryllis lover


Hadeco Amaryllis are grouped into 3 sizes which are charmingly named after musical forms. The giant-flowered ones are Symphonies, medium size are Sonatas and the miniature-flowered ones are called Sonatinis. While some of you may have grown Hadeco's fabulous big ones, it is their small Sonatini Amaryllis that deserve more attention. The Sonatinis make smaller bulbs which is why we sell them in threes which when planted together in a pot give you a multiflowered bouquet of bloom.

All Amaryllis are early spring flowering. African Amaryllis bloom at Christmas: springtime in South Africa. We have to keep them at a chilly 4-9 degrees Celcius to keep them from flowering before we can deliver them to our customers. The great thing about them is that once potted they will bloom in less than a month and because they are shorter they're less likely to fall over.

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