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My Two Cents Worth
September 15, 2012

I write this at the beach here in Panama. We rent a beach house when we feel the urge to get away from the city. It is about 2 hours from our home and has all we can ask for…it’s big, with 4 bedrooms, big open area that has the kitchen, dining room and living room and a pool. We can sit in the pool and look out onto the Caribbean waters and see all the locals heading out to fish or go to the other islands. It is fantastic to sit and watch a storm coming and when the rains do fall, they are warm and short lived.

This is the place that Tom has earned his PADI certificate for diving. He had a great dive yesterday and on his facebook page you can see his album with the different kinds of fish he saw. There is even one there of him holding a sea cucumber. The coral is beautifully coloured and his diving master has all kinds of areas yet for them to discover.

Back home it will be the hustle and bustle of preparing for a short trip to Mexico City for a travel market. I also hope to see a bit of Mexico City and its gardens…will update my facebook page with that. Then home to get packed up for my tour to South Africa. It’s wonderful to have so many people on it who have travelled with me before on my tours. I know them already and it’s very likely that they know others on the tour. Then a treat for myself after the tour – The Blue Train. It has been on my bucket list so now I get to cross that one off. Then home for one day to repack for a trip to Taiwan and their travel market. There goes the month of October but thankfully I am home until the Ecuador tour in January.

The latest article that I wrote is on a very beautiful garden in Norway…hope you enjoy reading about it. It truly was a surprise.

Also hope you will visit and take a look at the tours I have on offer for 2013. The China Peony Festival tour is fully booked but I still have room on the rest. Ecuador is first up in January and what a gorgeous country – come along with me and find some warmth both in the temperatures and the people.

Don’t forget to check out our Events Calendar to see what is happening – some super events. You are welcome to add your own garden related events there as well.

Including lots of articles this issue - but not anywhere near the over 9,000 we now have up on the site.

Until next issue…..happy fall gardening!

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