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September 4, 2012

Reticulata Iris are one of the first bulbs to bloom each year - right when the snow is disappearing. What a delight it is to see these little signs of spring carpeting the ground with their blue and purple flowers. This delight captivated my friend Alan McMurtrie of Toronto who started to hybridize his own reticulatas some 30 years ago. He has done something wonderful, almost magical, with these diminutive Iris: he has created colours that never existed before!

Exciting things started happening when Alan went on a collecting expedition in Turkey, bringing back fertile forms of Iris danfordiae which he crossed with the blue and purple I. reticulata and other species to produce these wonderful introductions. He has made whites with delightful blue or green accents, and browns, and ones with unusual patterns on the petals. He's even come up with some that are part way towards orange.

Alan has generously made available a small quantity for sale on Gardenimport's website. It isn't often that we can boast such an exclusive introduction. Some of these are available on Janis Rucksans' Latvian website for between $13 - $20 each!

For the moment this is a one-time offer. We don't know if he'll have any surplus bulbs next year or at any time in the near future so order yours today (or, if you've already placed an order for bulbs, just send us an email with whatever you'd like to add).

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