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Dahlias for Everyone

RHS calls for gardeners to vote on their favourite dahlia
by RHS
September 2, 2012

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is asking visitors to RHS Garden Wisley to vote for their favourite dahlia. There are 86 dahlias in this year's RHS Trial and the charity hopes that gardeners will visit the Trials Field and give their views on which they consider are the best. Voting papers will be available at the trial's plot, and those with the greatest number of votes will become the ‘People's Choice'.

Visiting the trial is a great way for gardeners to compare and contrast and can help them choose the dahlia that works best for their garden. Earlier this year, in the Hyacinth ‘People's Choice', four of the five most popular cultivars chosen corresponded to those selected by the expert committee as outstanding plants worthy of an Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

"Dahlias are easy to grow, adding vibrant colours to the garden in mid - to late summer," says Oliver Wilkins, RHS Trial's Team Leader. "And of course if gardeners choose those with an AGM status then they know that these are the most likely to succeed. We grow our trial plants in exactly the same way gardeners do, and we do not pamper them in any way. So we know therefore that the ones that do well at Wisley should do well in everyone's garden.

"Last year we also asked visitors to Wisley to vote for their favourite dahlia, and 'Stadt Spremberg', 'Crystal Beauty' and ‘Jessica' were the top three," says Oliver. "It will be interesting to see if they still remain the favourites or if they will be knocked off their popularity podium."

The Award of Garden Merit is reserved for those plants of excellent garden-worthiness. By choosing an AGM plant, gardeners can be sure that it is excellent for ordinary use in appropriate conditions; available; of good constitution; essentially stable in colour and form; and reasonably resistant to pests and diseases.

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