New Garden Pruning Tool that Cuts and Holds
by Fiskars
August 12, 2012

In preparation for fall pruning, Fiskars has a new cut and hold technology that’s designed for safety, control and convenience. Whether you’re trimming shrubs or removing a branch, Fiskars new Cut-and-Grab Lopper (30") features a patent-pending clamp design that grabs the cut branch, making it easy to direct the fall of the branch away from you or anything on the ground. This new cutting tool also makes it easy to reach into a dense shrub and clip a thorny branch and remove it without getting poked.

The Cut-and-Grab Lopper has a bypass blade design that is ideal for cutting green, living growth like tree branches and holds a cut capacity of 1.5 inches.

Pruning takes on many forms, and if done correctly, actually improves the health of your plants. Start by learning how to choose the right tools. We’ll show when to use a hand pruner, lopper or hedge shears, and how to pick the right blade style for the plants you’re pruning. We also have resources on why and when to prune and cleaning your pruning tools, as well as a downloadable Pruning Tips and Tool Care guide to help you prune to perfection.

Fiskars’ website is rich in resources for gardeners and lawn care enthusiasts including helpful “how-to” instructional videos for Fiskars products and great tips.

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