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My Two Cents Worth
July 6, 2012

Hi everyone … thank you to all of you who asked where the newsletter was...I know it has been awhile, but this year really had me going with the tours and this is the first breath I have been able to take since the last newsletter.

I have one tour left to go on – South Africa in October – and they are so excited about it, as I am. This year has been incredible with travel and I have been blessed to have met so many new tour guests plus meet so many returning tour guests. I have updated my tours site with the latest so please visit it often to keep up to date. I have some very special surprises and secret gardens coming up on some of my tours.

Here in Panama, the weather has gone from the dry season to the rainy season and with that brings a whole lot of new flowers appearing because of the rain they are getting. The grass is lush and green, the birds are happy and noisy and life is good. We even managed to get out to a beach house we rent for a few days of relaxation and Tom has just completed his PADI certification for Diving!! So excited for him as he has been telling me that the fish he is seeing while taking the program have been unbelievable in colour and variety.

He was even at a dive area with his instructor where he said are skeletons of the boats from Drakes Armada. How cool is that? Just sitting down on the bottom and rotting away as they were wood ships. He is looking forward to the more advanced night diving training. Good for him I say…I am just too scared to do it but I am glad he has buddies to go diving with now.

Condo wise, not much change … although we did make a change in the living room. We have 24 foot wide windows that look out onto the park filled with eucalyptus trees then onto the ocean and only two opened before. We replaced them to make four of them movable so now get 16 feet of open space when we open them. What a nice change that has been. Now to get sun and heat reflecting shades put on with a motor instead of having to pull them up and that will be done.

Plant wise, well I try not to keep many on the small balcony as Tom has had to look after them, so just bougainvillea now. I tend to add and change and when I don’t like something anymore we take it down to the social area where the pool is and they put it into one of the 8 flower beds we have in that area. When at Chelsea this year I brought back some Streptocarpus babies, planted them up before heading off on the Italy tour and of the six I still have five left and they are lovely and healthy. Never grew them before so hopefully I can get them to flower and be happy here. Also brought back some orchids from Amsterdam and some little cactus babies from Morocco that the owner told me would love it here. They are all doing well too.

I have been using facebook a lot so I hope you have found me there and are following me. I love it because while I am away I am able to keep you up to date with photos of where I am and what I am doing.

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