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THE FLOWERING OF IRIS - A play in 4 acts
June 24, 2012

For the past few years we've offered a selection of Siberian, Standard Dwarf Bearded (SDB) and Spuria Iris. The SDB and Spurias represent to two extremes of the flowering season with the SDB Iris beginning in April and the Spuria in July. Once upon a time we also offered Tall Bearded Iris but were sadly forced to drop them due to poor sales. Naturally, we've received requests for them ever since so we are now pleased to offer a small selection of Canadian grown Tall Bearded Iris, all but one of which are also Canadian hybrids. These are all SUPER HARDY plants.

Order now to reserve your stock for planting leter this summer and fall.

Dugald Cameron

President and stage hand


Is set in the early spring with the snow just melted with the first Iris flowers of the earliest Iris - Iris danfordiae, reticulata, danfordiae and histroides. These are planted as bulbs in the fall, a subject we'll revisit when they go online later.


A little later but still early spring. Enter the Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris. These diminutive members of the Iris family are among the first to bloom in early spring. Just as the bulb show is finishing and while their taller brethren are just waking up these lovely little Iris do their dependably dazzling thing. They are tough characters and ours are particularly hardy as they're Canadian-grown Canadian hybrids bred for Canada. These are hardy to zone 3 and even colder if buried in snow for the winter.


There are few perennials as well known as Tall Bearded Iris. A stalwart of Canadian gardens for generations, they are adored for their tall spikes of exotic June flowers. Bearded Iris are very forgiving plants, growing well in a range of soils from sandy to clay, from full sun to partial shade.


It is now sultry summer. Hot sunny days and Spuria Iris take the stage. They're up to 1.5m tall (5'), they have 3 - 5 large 10-13cm flowers (4-5") per sturdy stalk. They make impressive, long-lasting cut flowers, they grow happily undisturbed for 10 years or more and they're hardy to zone 3! They bloom 2-3 weeks after the Tall Bearded Iris. And best of all, our plants are grown right here in Canada.

Photo is of Autumn Jester, new for 2012

REBLOOMS - Pure purple standards with dark purple-veined falls and lighter lilac beards. This is no joke: it reblooms in Winnipeg! Ht. 33cm (13").

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