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Edible Landscaping: Urban Food Gardens That Look Great

New Book Release
by Berglind Hendrickson
June 17, 2012

Edible Landscaping: Urban Food Gardens That Look Great reveals that a garden doesn’t have to be decorative or functional—it can be both! Discover how to make an edible Eden in some unlikely spaces with this fresh garden design book from landscape architect Senga Lindsay.

Edible Landscaping is a healthy blend of growing tips, and lessons in design. Determine what, where and when to plant, from summer versus fall, or delicate heirlooms versus bomb-proof vegetables. Uncover some must-have edibles, and gain planting tips, such as when to sow as seeds and when to buy as plants or bulbs. Lindsay’s creative designs are illustrated throughout the pages in sketches and colour photos for herb gardens, rooftop gardens, street gardens, balcony gardens, container gardens and much more.

In the children’s garden, Lindsay lays plans for a fun and beautiful sunflower fort, and outlines the recipe for growing a pizza garden. In the gourmet kitchen garden, “The Plan” covers everything from dimensions to style: will your outdoor kitchen be enclosed or open; casual or formal; will your outdoor furniture style match your interior style; what appliances do you need; will you install floors, walls or ceilings, such as a lattice wall with purple beans; what mood of lighting do you envision, etc. In Edible Landscaping, Lindsay gets the gardener thinking like a designer and vice versa.

Whether one simply desires to start with an edible wall, or experiment with bee hives in a permaculture jungle, Edible Landscaping encourages us to think about growing and harvesting food in style, whatever yours may be.

A graduate of the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture, Senga Lindsay specializes in integrating edible gardens into her design practice, whether for large developments or individual homeowners. She contributes to GardenWise magazine, and shares tips on her YouTube channel at Senga is proud to have been awarded Best of the City by Vancouver Magazine in 2010 and Western Living Magazine’s 2009 Landscape Architect of the Year.

ISBN 10: 1-55017-580-7

ISBN 13: 978-1-55017-580-6

8 x 9, 128 pp, paper, 50+ colour photos & illustrations, $19.95, Gardening

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