June 4, 2012

Mother nature is fickle. The weather in our part of Canada has gone from a summery March to a wintry April and until a couple of weeks ago, a normal May. Now we're having hot and humid July weather. Colocasia and Canna LOVE heat and have been growing fast. So fast that we have some extra plants looking for gardens and/or containers to grow in. These are the latest varieties and if their beauty alone doesn't captivate you their 30% off price might.

Order Now - we don't have alot of plants left. These are all healthy & vigorous plants in 2 1/2" pots and and will be shipped in 2 working days of receipt.


Bold foliage and bright flowers are the mainstay of these tropical plants. This foliage adds an exotic look and combines fabulously with many plants in containers and the garden. Canna thrive on heat and are happiest growing in full sun and moist, fertile soil. They grow from rhizomes which you lift in the fall before the soil freezes and store indoors for the winter. We offer the latest, virus-indexed varieties and ship them to you as vigorous, young, growing plants in 6.4cm (2.5") pots.


(Elephant Ear) When Dr. John Hoy of Hawaii put took a break from his hybridizing of the edible form of Colocasia (Taro), trying his hand at the ornamental forms, his expertise resulted in the most exciting series of these magnificent foliage plants whose lush tropical foliage lends drama to any container and makes a great contrasting backdrop for other containers. All they ask is warm weather, plenty of moisture and fertile soil. Their foliage looks best in a full sun position but they'll take a little shade as well. Bring them indoors when the weather gets cool and grow them through the winter in a sunny window. wE ship them to you as vigorous, young, growing plants in 6.4cm (2.5") pots.

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