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April 1, 2012

The 17th century amateur botanist Reverend Adam Buddle had long passed away when his now famous namesake Buddleia was first discovered in China in 1887. Since then the Buddleia family has grown to 400 known species.

Here in chilly Canada we're most familiar with Buddleia davidii which is named after the intrepid missionary & plant collector Father Armand David. Once Buddleias got into the garden their amazing popularity with Butterflies was immediately apparent, resulting in the common name of Butterfly Bush.


Buddleia are shrub-like perennials that produce panicles of nectar-laden flowers in a wide range of colours for several weeks in late summer. They die back over the winter in the colder parts of Canada. Those fortunate to live in coastal BC don't have the winter die back and because of the prolific seed production (one Buddleia can produce over a million seeds) they're becoming a problem. Another apparent problem occurs when gardeners get carried away with the pruners during fall clean up and cut back their Buddleia. Since these shrubs hate fall pruning this has led to their undeserved reputation as tender plants. All you tidy folks need to remember - don't prune your Buddleia until it leafs out in the spring. Gardeners with small gardens may find the usual mature size of 1.5 - 2.15m (5-7') a bit too much, but fear not. There is a solution to all these issues.


No Deadheading! No Pruning! Bloom all summer!

Just imagine. A butterfly-laden compact Buddleia that you can grow in your garden OR in a pot! A floriferous Buddleia that blooms non-stop from early summer until fall and produces little if any seed.The first breakthrough introduction was BLUE CHIP which we introduced to Canada several years ago. It was an astonishing success by all reports from our customers. So this year we added a couple more. All were hybridized by Dr. Dennis Werner of North Carolina State University who continues his work to produce more colours.

Dugald Cameron

President & butterfly lover

Order NOW - Our choice Buddleia are shipped in 1 gallon pots beginning in late May


A non-stop shower of blue, fragrant, butterfly-attracting flowers. This is the first of a series of new Miniature Butterfly Bush. Good as a ground cover or a decorative container plant. Ht. 60 - 90cm (24"-36"), spread 75cm (30"). Hardy to zone 5.

ICE CHIP - a new 2012 introduction

A frosty partner for BLUE CHIP and LILAC CHIP with snow white flowers and silvery foliage. Ht. 60 - 90cm (24"-36"), spread 75cm (30"). Hardy to zone 5.

LILAC CHIP - a new 2012 introduction

Abundant, lavender-pink, fragrant flowers. Ht. 60 - 90cm (24"-36"), spread 75cm (30"). Hardy to zone 5.


You get one each of BLUE, ICE and LILAC CHIP at a reduced price. Ht. 60 - 90cm (24"-36"), spread 75cm (30"). Hardy to zone 5. And remember not to prune them in the fall!

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