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My Two Cents Worth
February 15, 2012

Gosh, life happens doesn't it ... another month goes by - but that does mean a month closer to spring. Living in Panama is still kind of weird as far as seasons go ... there is just rainy season and not rainy season. It has rained once since Christmas. You would think that living in a tropical country it would be lush green all the time, but when the rain stops the grass goes brown. But on the other hand we get lots of plant material blooming because of the stress. Some like that and some like the humidity and rain so really we are lucky to have plants blooming all the year. We also get lots of birds migrating through and I believe we have close to 1000 species living here - from the tiniest little hummingbirds to the big turkey vultures and pelicans, eagles and kites...

We are getting ready to go on a cruise holiday - that is what a tour operator does because she knows she has nothing to think about except what to visit when we dock, what to eat and what to wear. A break for me before the fun starts! We are doing two back to back cruises out of our port in Colon to Cartagena, Montego Bay, George Town, Roatan, Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba and back to Colon. Don't worry, will have plenty of pictures to share with you.

Getting down to travel time for me soon. There are so many little details that come just before a tour sets off, just to make sure all is perfect, or a close to that as possible. Nothing is ever perfect and being flexible is the key. I have been doing this for a lot of years and am not near as frantic when something doesn't go according to always works out and sometimes for the better!

I was on pins and needles waiting and praying for Highgrove to start selling tickets and before you knew it they were totally sold out of Chelsea week tickets .... and we got ours!!! I have the book on this garden and I drool when I go through it ... they are in for such a treat.

This year I have on my tours included lots of goodies for my tour guests ... things they haven't even seen yet so you can imagine my excitement.

India is first and South Africa is last and in between some of the most wonderful and incredible gardens this year.

Next year we have a pretty darn nice menu of garden tours - have you checked them out yet? is the place. I get lots of repeat tour guests each year so don't wait too long to join me.

Don't know how I will do a March newsletter yet as I am away the whole month, so it might be April as the next one.

Take care and see you next time ... and remember ... to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow!



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