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My Two Cents Worth
January 15, 2012

I do not know about you but for me ‘time does not stand still’. It seems that it actually is speeding up. I can tell you too that I am indeed looking forward to two weeks of ‘time out’ in February. You know even when you do the things you love you can do too much. Am not complaining at all because I get told all the time what a fantastic life I have – getting to travel to see so many gardens in so many countries – that when I put all the work aside to actually think about it, I am truly blessed to be doing what I love. It wasn’t always so, but in life doors close and windows open and you must be available to let it take you where the breeze blows!

Christmas came and went, wonderful meals with friends and New Years Eve here is crazy. I think every firecracker in the world went off that night. A sight to behold for those visiting us for the first time. Champagne and fireworks on the roof of our building offers a view second to none.

Life here in Panama is very different from life as it was in Canada. Plant material, weather, food, people are all different and I won’t even get into politics here. But we love it and being able to wake up every morning and put on summer clothes is still a ‘pinch me’ moment. Right now we are in our dry season, or summer. The kids are on summer vacation and it is quiet as so many are away…the roads are quieter as the school buses are not buzzing by. We just spent a few days out at a beach house we rent and it was heaven. No sounds but birds and having our very own pool facing onto the ocean is wonderful. They just put in new patio furniture and a new gas grill so bbq’d steaks were awesome along with a Bollywood movie – I can see why these Bollywood movies are so popular for Indians … they are lively, feel good and no swearing movies with lots of dance in them that grab you and make you want to dance. So looking forward to my tour there in March.

Now back to work and did I say how nice it was to be able to work from my home? Ocean on one side and hills on the other side … and a cup of tea when ever I want it! We are finished with the major renovation we did in our kitchen and our guest bath looks great. Good timing as guests are coming. When I get back from touring we will start on some other projects.

My tours are virtually all booked for 2012. If you are interested in one of them let me know as I may have a spot left, but they are all going and for that I am so thankful. It is so nice to travel with people you already know and so many of them have repeat guests. One even taking 3 tours of mine this year…yes 3! Holland, Morocco and South Africa!! A few taking two … it is so nice to welcome them back each year plus meet so many new tour guests along the way.

What is in bloom now? Well get out your tropical flower books as here are some names for you … Allamanda, Yellow Oleander, Spathodea campanulata, Tabeuia, Bougainvillea, Cassia fistula, Hibiscus, Ixora, Mussaenda. These are just the ones I can see around us. I am sure there are many more.

I hope you like the new look of the site … we have had many compliments on it and I think it looks much nicer now, fresher and easier to read the home page. But do remember that this site is huge so do go through the different areas and don’t forget to add your garden favourites to our new Garden Destinations area … I would like this area to be a resource for gardeners as they travel. They can click on their area and discover what gardens are tried and tested by gardeners for gardeners and what is really cool is that once a garden is listed, you will be able to review it if you have something else to add. Please send me an email when you add new gardens to this area so I can promote them on Facebook.

Be sure to click on Did you know? and Tidbits of info …. you will find many goodies in each! and don't forget to put your gardening events into our Events area of the site. It is our pleasure to help you promote them and I can even mention them on Facebook as well.

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