January 22, 2012

We're BULB crazy at Gardenimport and we're also fans of container gardening. So we've added some really great new varieties to our burgeoning list of these "potted perennials". Part of the reason we like these bulbs is because they are so easy to grow. In most cases you just pot them up, add water and stand back. Some are equally good in the garden but you don't even have to have a garden to enjoy them in pots. Their exotic foliage and floral fragrances lend a tropical air. But the real appeal is how cool they are and how much attention they get from admirers.

Dugald Cameron

President & resident bulb fanatic


Large, snow white flowers with blushes of pink look as though they were painted by hand. PINK MELODY is a vigorous variety and blooms for many weeks. This new introduction is from my pals at Golden State. Everybody loves Callas and those who've grown them are soon to become CALLA CRAZY.


This vigorous little doll has bright pink flowers with audacious bronze foliage. All this in a compact 60-75cm (24-30") tall package. A perfect container accent plant.

Hawaiian Series COLOCASIA

(Elephant Ear) When Dr. John Hoy of Hawaii took a break from his hybridizing of the edible form of Colocasia (Taro) to try his hand at the ornamental forms, his expertise resulted in the most exciting series of these magnificent foliage plants. Their lush tropical foliage lends drama to any container and makes a great contrasting backdrop for other plants. All they ask is warm weather, plenty of moisture and fertile soil. Their foliage looks best in a full sun position but they'll take a little shade as well. Bring them indoors when the weather gets cool and grow them through the winter in a sunny window.


Huge, glossy, jet black leaves with blue veins. A dramatic addition to any container or garden. .


An intricate etching of light and dark green veins bisected and edged by green-black. A knockout and perfect partner for BLACK CORAL.


Dark green puckered leaves with bronze reverse on chocolate stems.


An enticing combination of abundant, burnt-orange flowers and contrasting deep bronze foliage. DAVID HOWARD was one of the late Christopher Lloyd's favourite Dahlias. He loved the bold colours of Dahlias but he also demanded that they have sturdy stems and flowers held well above the foliage. DAVID HOWARD was a perfect choice.

Hippeastrelia DURGA PRADHAM

In the 1960s a gifted young schoolboy, Urdai Pradham, succeeded in making what was thought an impossible bigeneric cross between a species Hippeastrum (Amaryllis) and Sprekelia formosissima. The result is a gorgeous combination of the best of both parents. The glossy leaves are broader than Sprekelia, the flower stems are shorter than Hippeastrum but carry two blooms instead of the single flower of Sprekelia. In form, the flowers have much broader petals than Sprekelia but have retained its unusual conformation. DURGA PRADHAM is easy to grow in a pot outdoors in light shade and blooms early summer. Feed it with a balanced fertilizer through the summer and it often blooms twice.


(Bat flower) Holy Bat Flower Batman! Now you too can grow one of the most unusual flowers there is. Large, prominently-veined, maroon-black flowers with incredibly long 20cm (8"), black whisker-like filaments. The central flowers are surrounded by large bracts, giving the flower the appearance of a flying bat. TACCA like consistently moist soil and must be grown in pots with well-draining, porous soil. Their long-lasting blooms appear in late fall/early winter after which they go dormant indoors. Ht. 50cm (20").


If you've already placed an order for BULBS or ROSES with us, just give us a call to 1-800- 339-8314 or send us an email to with your additions and we'll gladly add them to your order.

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