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by Angie Mennen
December 9, 2012

Are you a fine-feathered Santa? With the decline of rural properties and increase number of high-rises and city buildings, birds are running out of places to find natural food. Help them survive over the cold winter months!

Get the whole family involved! It could be as easy as a piece of toast in a toast feeder. So don’t throw out your left over crusts or burnt toast, they aren’t picky, they’ll just be happy you thought of them.

Kids LOVE the antics that the birds provide, and there are many bird treats you can find for under $10. What a great stocking stuffer!

Attract flying colour into your yard by hanging a peanut feeder. Peanuts attract the blue jays, cedar waxwings and even nuthatches. The nuthatches are especially fun to watch at the feeders as they love to walk upside down! Cardinals, having very large beaks, we like to call them the nutcrackers, love the holiday mill wheels with an assortment of nuts and seeds in a compact disk.

Hang your Christmas cranberry suet close to your kitchen window. Even on a balcony these small birds are not afraid to interact with humans. Entice the smaller birds such as the chickadees, finches and the velvety soft snow buntings.

To add some rhythmic music to your Christmas holidays, hang a Mill Creek Acorn, a mix of suet and peanuts and the Woodpeckers will come a calling!

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