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Love in a Cold Climate

a special offer
November 13, 2011


We'll give you an additional 10% on all Gift Certificate for $50 or more from now until December 15, 2011.

We've made some special cards to go with them and make a perfect gift for the gardeners on your list. Gardeners can be hard to shop for.

They have so many things in their garden that it's often hard to choose the right plant for a gift. And you know that plants are what they like above all else. Our gift certificates make a perfect gift for your gardening friend or relative. They're available in any amount over $25 and each one is hand lettered in calligraphy by us. We also enclose a lovely colour card featuring our upcoming Spring 2012 cover feature (Spigella marlandica) and post it RIGHT AWAY!

A free 2 year subscription beginning with our Spring 2012 catalogue comes with each certificate.

That's love of Amaryllis, and the cold climate one we as gardeners know all too well. Pots of flowering Amaryllis in a sunny window while the snow blows around outside will warm the heart of any gardener. Particularly when you consider that all you need is a pot, some soil, a little water and (in the case of the African Amaryllis) only a few weeks of patience.

I know a number of you may have been thinking of ordering Amaryllis to enjoy indoors and just haven't got around to it. But remember: the bulbs mustn't freeze in the post. The winter deadline for shipping is almost upon us. Don't wait any longer! To tempt you to try some of our new Dutch varieties we're offering them on special - 30% OFF. Details are below.

Dugald Cameron

President & resident Amaryllis fanatic


Hadeco Amaryllis are grouped into 3 sizes which are charmingly named after musical forms. The giant-flowered ones are Symphonies, medium size are Sonatas and the miniature-flowered ones are called Sonatinis. While some of you may have grown Hadeco's fabulous big ones, it is their small Sonatini Amaryllis that deserve more attention. The Sonatinis make smaller bulbs, which is why we sell them in threes so when they are planted together in a pot you have a multiflowered bouquet of bloom.

All Amaryllis are early spring flowering. African Amaryllis bloom at Christmas: springtime in South Africa. We have to keep them at a chilly 4-9 degrees Celcius to keep them from flowering before we can deliver them to our customers. The great thing about them is that once potted they will bloom in less than a month and because they are shorter they're less likely to fall over.


(Sonata Amaryllis) A delicious double with triple sets of creamy-white petals and a lime green throat. Each bulb averages 2 stems and twelve 15cm (6") blooms. Ht. 44cm (17.5"). Top size 24/26cm bulbs. One of our favourites.


(Sonatini Amaryllis) A white star is delicately etched into each heavenly pink flower. Cupido will produce 2 to 3 stalks and ten 10cm. (4") flowers in all. Ht. 25cm. (10"). Top size 18/20cm. bulbs.


(Symphony Amaryllis) Pure white flowers with a green throat. Intokazi produces 2 stems and a total of 7-17cm. (6.75") flowers from each 30/32cm bulb.


(Sonatini Amaryllis) An abundance of smaller 7.6cm (3") cerise-red blooms on sturdy stalks. Each bulb averages 2 stems with ten blooms. Ht. 20cm (8"). Top size 18/20cm bulbs.


(Sonata Amaryllis) No these aren't "walking dead" flowers but unique, double-flowered, pink-striped white 15cm (6") flowers. Each bulb produces an average of 2 stems and a total of 8 flowers. Top size 24/26cm bulbs.

DUTCH AMARYLLIS - now 30% off

There are many Dutch hybridizers of Amaryllis and I picked this year's selection when I visited a show in Holland last year. I was taken by the colours and unique forms of these three. These will bloom in March/April.


A gloriously green, orchid-flowered beauty that sports 4-5 flowers per stem and makes a perfect companion to our green-centred ROSALIE.


A delightfully unpredictable colour combination of pure scarlet petals and white petals streaked and veined with scarlet on 17cm (6.8") flowers. It can't seem to make up its mind as to which colour each petal should be.


Luscious 19cm (7.5") salmon flowers with white brushed midribs and a light green throat. A unique colour. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

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