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Callaway Gardens
by Donna Dawson
November 20, 2011

It’s Autumn in Georgia and there is a buzz on the mums. The huge displays of cascading or waterfall mums are covered in bees trying to get the last of the nectar and they make you dizzy with their movements. The Chrysanthemum is often called the “Queen of Autumn.” Chrysanthemums are also commonly referred to as mums, especially in the United States. These perennials (many of them come back year after year in the garden) were being cultivated in China more than 2,000 years ago. In the U.S. we think “Mum” in the Fall, both as garden plants and as florist container plants. That’s because the shortening days (and lengthening nights) trigger flowering. Horticulturists can “fool” mums into blooming at any time by providing long nights (at least 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness) in a greenhouse setting. In the Fall at Callaway Gardens, you can enjoy garden mums, florist mums and cascade mums in all of their glory. Look for garden mums in the outdoor beds. These are followed by florist mums, displayed in attractive floral displays in the Sibley Horticultural Center. Florist mums come in an array of flower types showing spider, quill and other flower forms. Last, but certainly not least, are the cascade mums which come into their glory from mid-October through mid November. Cascade mums do just that! In full bloom, they look like a cascading waterfall of color.

There is a buzz in the air too as the winds bring down the leaves in colours of red, orange, yellow and green. The air is crisp and full of promise as Callaway Gardens prepares for the holidays.

Never have I been to a place where so much is happening all at once. It is mind boggling to think of one having so many things to keep going all at the same time, but what they all have going here is the joy of working in such a place, for it truly is a place that is pleasing to the soul on so many levels.

Thanksgiving follows with holiday feasts in many of the on site restaurants. What a glorious place to savour the true meaning of giving thanks.

November 23-24, 2011

Continue your family tradition of celebrating the holiday at Callaway Gardens! Gather family and friends for a Thanksgiving surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature and alive with sights and sounds of the holiday spirit.

Share this special weekend with your family at Callaway Gardens and make Thanksgiving 2011 the best ever! The package includes Fantasy in Lights, buffet lunch, entrance to the gardens.

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