A Possible Preview of Pest Control in the Not-so-distant Future!

This week, a preview of what may be coming for gardeners in the pest control field in the not-so-distant future!
by Art Drysdale
by Art Drysdale


Art Drysdale, a life-long resident of Toronto and a horticulturist well known all across Canada, is now a resident of Parksville, British Columbia on Vancouver Island, just north of Nanaimo. He has reno-vated an old home and has a new garden there. His radio gardening vignettes are heard in south-western Ontario over radio station Easy 101 FM out of Tillsonburg at 2 PM weekdays.

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November 6, 2011

Again this week, some more photos from our garden here in Parksville, these taken just a few days ago on November 2. Above, three shots of Japanese maples in their full fall glory, the orange/red ones are very close to our street-side fence; the two really red ones are just outside my office north window, and the single one has finely cut leaves and is relatively close to the house front door; and finally a small floral decoration using flowering kale as the mainstay right outside my office door. Below, two late season roses about to be in full bloom, with more buds yet to come; our relatively newly planted yellow Firethorn (Pyracantha) contrasts with Sedum atropurpureum; our large pond geyser is the background for our newly planted pink Schizostylis coc-cinea; and a close-up of the Schizostylis. Author photos.

Following up on last week’s item about the Province of Alberta having stated that they will not follow the ridiculous example set by Quebec and Ontario in banning all so-called cosmetic pesticides, an announcement by Scotts Miracle Gro company, may well be of interest to gardeners. Here it is.

“The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, the world’s largest marketer of branded consumer lawn and garden products, and Marrone Bio Innovations (MBI), a leading global provider of natural products for pest management in the agricultural and water treatment markets, announced [on October 24th] an exclusive research and development agreement designed to provide consumers new natural plant protection products.

“Under terms of the deal, Scotts Miracle-Gro will have access to MBI’s full portfolio of innovative biopesticides for the development of new products for the lawn and garden market. The two companies will collaborate on research and development efforts, and MBI will manufacture and supply any resulting products and Scotts Miracle-Gro will maintain worldwide marketing rights. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Derived from naturally occurring compounds, MBI’s biopesticides are used increasingly in farming because they effectively control pests, can enhance plant health and increase yields, and leave no residues on crops or in the environment. These same benefits are desired by many of today’s consumers for their own yards and gardens. MBI has three registered products and a pipeline of early stage and advanced biopesticides for farming and water treatment. With this new partnership, Scotts Miracle-Gro will access MBI’s portfolio with the goal of offering consumers the same effective natural products used in farming, but in specialized lawn and garden formulations and in easy-to-use applicators.

“‘We are excited about this new partnership with MBI because we believe it will lead to improved products that enable gardeners who choose natural options to get great results,’ said Bruce Caldwell, Scotts Miracle-Gro’s Global R&D Leader. ‘Our goal is to provide the tools and products consumers need to be successful, and it is important to offer natural products that are truly effective. Working with partners like Marrone Bio Innovations helps drive a robust development process that combines consumer insights with the most advanced R&D in the business to create products that are simple, sustainable and significant.’

“‘It’s exciting to work with a company that shares our vision of bringing effective natural products to the marketplace’ said Marrone Bio Innovations CEO Pam Marrone. ‘This agreement with Scotts is an example of executing on our strategy to focus on core agriculture and water markets while partnering with leading companies for other markets. There is no better partner than Scotts Miracle-Gro for understanding and accessing the consumer Lawn and Garden market.’

“With approximately $3 billion in worldwide sales, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, The Scotts Company LLC, is the world's largest marketer of branded consumer products for lawn and garden care. The Company's brands are the most recognized in the industry. In the U.S., the Company's Scotts®, Miracle-Gro® and Ortho® brands are market-leading in their categories, as is the consumer Roundup® brand, which is marketed in North America and most of Europe exclusively by Scotts and owned by Monsanto. In Europe, the Company's brands include Weedol®, Pathclear®, Evergreen®, Miracle-Gro®, KB®, Fertiligene®, Naturen® and Substral®. For additional information, visit .

“Marrone Bio Innovations Inc. is a leading global provider of natural products for pest management in the agricultural and water treatment markets. Its effective and environmentally friendly natural agricultural products provide higher yields and quality while managing pesticide resistance and residues. Through its proprietary discovery and development platform and strategically in licensed technologies, MBI has developed a pipeline of advanced and early-stage products for significant agricultural and water treatment markets. MBI is selling its award winning Regalia® biofungicide in the U.S. and other countries, is launching Grandevo™ bioinsecticide and has recently received EPA approval for Zequanox™ for controlling invasive aquatic mussels in fresh waterways. MBI currently has three dozen patents pending in the U.S. and globally. For additional information, visit .”

For those of you who hesitate to use the Health Canada-approved proven-safe chemicals this move by Scotts may yield some decent new treatments that actually work (as opposed to virtually all of the so-called alternatives available now); however, do not expect them to be cheap or economical!

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