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My Two Cents
October 15, 2011

Did I tell you we were working on a kitchen renovation? I think I have now for months…well, we are just about done and he will be moving on to the guest bathroom soon. I love the new kitchen but I sure have not loved the mess nor the fact that there is someone here every single day. I know I am complaining but I travel so much that when I am home I love being in my home … looking out onto the park in front of us and the sea beyond. Once all is said and done we will have some pictures up on our site for you to look at. 

I mentioned last week about a site that we developed to help a lady who has a big heart for stray animals…in one weekend they had a spay clinic and spayed over 1100 dogs and cats. What a feat and what makes us happiest is the fact that those animals will not have any puppies or kittens that will end up loose, ill and forgotten. If you want to help us further, please visit the site and you can even contribute a bit to help more animals. Every bit helps. We also visited our two dogs that we look after. Tom put their pictures up on his facebook page and I shared that so you should see them on mine as well.

We are working on a new area for the site called Gardens of Distinction. This will end up being a fun interactive area and we need your help with it. Perfect timing as the snow settles in, don’t you think? We will let you know when ready and would ask that you visit it and input your visits to gardens that are noteworthy and why they are. People who love gardens will love you for this, it will give them the knowledge they need in order to visit that garden, be it private or public, anywhere in the world. Stay tuned, you will love it. Let Nature Nurture You … Never more evident to me than we I am on a garden tour and I can just be there, in the moment, and not have anything else in the world to think about but what I am seeing, smelling and photographing.

Don’t forget to put your garden related events into our calendar for 2012! Clubs can list their meetings, shows can list their upcoming garden shows, anything that is garden related can go there to help you promote it to more people – and it’s free!

Saw a really cool idea for a gift – take a cake plate on a pedestal, fill with little tiny pots of plants and then pack moss around them to hide the pots…put the cover on and you have a living gift to grow. I saw it advertised for 124.99 and could not believe that!! Anyone can make one of these … lastly, my garden tours…I am so proud of these tours and the fact that I see so many coming back each year to travel with me. Please do take a peek at them at I have a gentleman wanting to share on the Morocco tour. If you have any questions at all on the tours, please email


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