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Proven Winners
November 15, 2011

Proven Winners

The 5 Most Exciting Flowering Shrubs for Your Garden in 2012

If you are looking to add exciting color and interest into your garden from spring until frost, with very little work required, consider these new shrubs…

Lo & Behold® 'Purple Haze' Butterfly Bush (Buddleia)

The newest addition to the Lo & Behold series of dwarf, eco-friendly butterfly bush, ‘Purple Haze' features uniquely horizontal branches produce and abundance of dark purple-blue flowers. Its feathery, deep green leaves make it an excellent ground covering plant. It is continuous blooming, and sterile so you don’t get unwanted seedlings in the garden.

Double Play® Big Bang Spirea (Spirea)

Double Play spiraea are known for both colorful flowers and colorful foliage. This newest addition to the Double Play series features massive pink flowers of a size never seen before on a spiraea. Foliage glows orange in the spring, before turning bright yellow. Adaptable and easy to grow, this is a great plant for landscaping.

Bloom-A-Thon® Reblooming Azaleas (Rhododendron)

Why settle for just a week or two of flowers when you can enjoy up to five months of blooms? Large flowers appear in April, and then rebloom in early July, continuing through fall until hard frost. There are four Bloom-A-Thon varieties with blossom colors of white, red, pink and dark lavender. Although there are some significant differences among the four, they share the remarkable characteristics of heavy blooming for four to six weeks in April and May, then a second equally heavy blooming period for 12 to 14 weeks starting in late July. The evergreen foliage is disease resistant, and maintains excellent color year-round.

Pink Home Run® Landscape Rose (Rosa)

Pink Home Run roses continuously produce showy 3-inch wide, 5 petaled blossoms with almost no effort from the gardener. In fact, Pink Home Run rose should not be deadheaded because they produce more flowers when the spent blossoms remain on the plant. That’s because new flowers come from the base of the previous one. This unique cluster blooming habit means each stem on a Home Run bears its own bouquet of roses, with fresh flowers appearing every day! This amazing ability gives the Home Run series faster bloom cycles, with a complete rebloom every 30 days instead of the 45 days typical of other roses. Home Run roses are cold hardy to USDA zone 4 and heat tolerant to AHS zone 9. They are the only roses with natural immunity to both black spot and powdery mildew.

Little Lime™ Hardy Hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata)

The new Little Lime Hydrangea boasts the same colors and benefits of the famous ‘Limelight’ hydrangea, though only reaching 3 to 5 feet fully grown. At one-third the size of other hardy hydrangeas, it fits well into any landscape. Little Lime produces bright cone-shaped lime green flowers, later turning into pink, from mid-summer to frost. Like its larger cousin, it is also very drought tolerant. If you’ve ever been enchanted by 'Limelight' but couldn't find room for it, you'll find Little Lime is the perfect fit in your garden.


So plant now, and give yourself something to look forward to once the snow melts away!  

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