Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover's Guide to Touching, Healing,

and Communicating with Trees, Plants, and All of Nature
by Basia Alexander and Dr. Jim Conroy
October 9, 2011

Tree Whispering's profound holistic methods invite you into practical spirituality, do-it-yourself environmentalism and visionary gardening.

Nature lovers become trees' and plants' purposeful collaborators and co-creative allies.

New, mindful practices result in personal well-being and partnership with Beings of Nature.

Conscious communication and easy healing techniques establish peace within the Plant Kingdom.

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Basia Alexander and Dr. Jim Conroy
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Who will enjoy this book?

• Tree people and plant lovers.
• Anyone who has a favorite tree or plant.
• Open-minded people. Innovators. Visionaries.
• Gardeners, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts.
• Spiritually oriented people.
• Health buffs.
• Environmentalists. Sustainability supporters.
• Creative spirits. Compassionate, helpful people.
• Professionals, farmers, growers, or orchardists.
• Folks who already "whisper" with cats, dogs, or other Beings of Nature.
• People who feel sad when they see a tree cut down.

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