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My Cents Worth
September 15, 2011

I am home for a while…until the 1st of November. It has been quite a lot of travel but what can I say…I am so blessed to be able to have all my tours book so that I can go with old friends I have met on past tours and meet lots of new friends who have discovered the joy of seeing new countries and gardens along with me.
Back home the kitchen renovation is still going on….we decided to re tile the whole kitchen instead of just the new part. We found the perfect tile and knew that if we didn’t buy it now, it may never make its way here again.

That is the fun part about living here and having everything come in by container. So, we now have just about all of the kitchen finished and it looks really nice. The tile is a rather Tuscan looking tile with rough edges and mottled appearance…we love it and had something similar back in Canada in that kitchen. The appliances are all in and working – don’t laugh…when you order appliances that have to be shipped to another country there is no guarantee…so we bit the bullet. They were what we wanted and now we pray they will continue to work.

It is an absolute hoot shopping here…we go to buy little pot lights for the kitchen and come home happy because we found what we wanted and they are halogen so low wattage and no heat. BUT half are in a shade of yellow and the other half in a shade of white. So we compromise and put one set on each side of the kitchen…what else can you do as those were the last ones!

It goes on and on… but it is happening at least and by Christmas we should be done. I had joked about this earlier when we started – in July – that we would be finishing by Christmas and I don’t think I am wrong.

We were just out at the beach for a few days…rented a lovely house with a pool and view of the Caribbean ocean. It was fun with four adults and three dogs. We were trying it out for future visits and like it so I expect we will be there as much as we can. Less than two hours from our home. We all prefer the Caribbean side to the Pacific side - calmer waters, a very small tidal rise, warmer water, white sand.

As I said earlier I am home for a bit now and have so much to do!! Just finished the long day by day on the Italy tour – hope you have had a chance to see it…we are doing so much on this tour, you will love it!

Morocco long is just about done then it is going out to those who have told me they want to see it when ready for booking. Chelsea has some space left and so does India but India is a small group tour so if thinking about it, please get your registration form in to reserve your spot. South Africa is also a small group tour and just about fully booked. I just know how people can make a choice…I love them all!

Floriade – well, this tour has three groups going and a waiting list. I am hopefully going to have all my rooms confirmed next week so if you are on the waiting list, you shall know pretty soon. The garden tours site is at  if you don’t already know that.

Well, guess that’s it until next month. I wish you a strong back, lots of free bags of mulch and hope you have given your excess produce to those in need….


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