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September 15, 2011

Tidbits of Information

  • please check our other site out… is our Panama Friendly Site where you will find all kinds of info plus Tom updates on a regular basis so you can read the latest from his side. There is also another site listed there that is very near and dear to us as we are pet owners and lovers…. Tom created it to help a dear friend of ours who sometimes gets overwhelmed with all the needs, but her love is strong and so is her commitment to helping animals in need. You must remember that Panama is still really a third world country and many living here are just making a living for their families…there is little left. I believe it is up to us to help…we have more…we can share.

  • 2011 New Varieties Guide
    Dazzling debuts from California Spring Trials.

  • Rosemary A Herb for Health Will Shakespeare knew rosemary. The plant that is! In ‘Hamlet’, Ophelia states the long-held belief “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.” It’s now known that antioxidants in rosemary help prevent aging in cells and aging is associated with memory loss. Pregnant women may be advised to avoid large doses as a medicine in case it induces abortion – but otherwise it’s a beautiful-smelling, super-tasting safe herb.

  • Coreopsis 'Sweet Marmalade' a yummy name for sure and a sweet looking Coreopsis. The stunning flowers of this variety open deep orange, then mellow to soft apricot yellow through the season. This Coreopsis is a sport of another popular Blooms of Bressingham variety, 'Crème Brulee'. Bushy mounds of mid-green, narrow, linear foliage. Blooms summer into early autumn. Comes to Blooms of Bressingham from Yohei Hosogai of Nichien Company in Japan.'s-new/coreopsis-'sweet-marmalade'.html

  • When To Plant Garlic

    In areas that get a hard frost, it is recommended that you plant your garlic 6-8 weeks before that frost. In southern areas, February or March is a better time to plant. Garlic loves well-drained soil in a sunny spot with plenty of organic matter. As basic as it sounds, make sure you plant with the root side down and the pointed end up. We like this co-planting guide to make the most of your gardening space.

    To scape or not?

    Trimming the tops of hardneck garlic (known as garlic scapes) as it grows seems to be a matter of personal preference. Just try it with some to see which you prefer. If you trim the garlic scapes, there are many edible uses. If not, just let them keep growing until you harvest.

    When to harvest

    Harvest time depends on when you plant, but the key is to look for the garlic leaves to turn brown. In Northern climates, harvesting will probably be in July or August. In Southern climates, it will depend on your planting date. Either way, discontinue watering then check the bulb size and wrapper quality. Wait too long and the protective wrapper will start to disintegrate. Dig too early and the bulb will be immature.

    Uses for garlic

    As for usage, who doesn't love garlic? We can rely on our friends at Food Network and their 17,233 recipes using garlic!

    From our friends at

  • Although this article comes from the U.K. it may serve you well. It is all about gardening for those who are sight impaired

  • Ten Neat Things About Red Lily Leaf Beetles and how you can deal with them

  • Perennials That Perform in the Shade

  • New Shrubs will Fit Any Sized Yard

  • Fall Season Bulb FAQs – The Classics

  • Flower Power Puts a Hurt on Caterpillars

  • Lesley Stowe is a Parisian-trained chef who began her own catering company more than 20 years ago in Vancouver. The store’s success, combined with Lesley’s ability to predict and capitalize on food trends, resulted in the creation of raincoast crisps - a revolutionary snack food beyond compare.

    Lesley Stowe Fine Foods produces one-of-a-kind artisan crisps that are all natural and made with care using the finest quality ingredients. There are also some great recipes on her site!

  • The International Garden Festival, presented at the Reford Gardens in the Gaspésie region of Québec, is preparing its 13th edition and is issuing an international call for proposals to select designers who will create the new temporary gardens that will be presented from June 22 to October 7, 2012. This call for proposals is open to all landscape architects, architects, designers and artists from Canada and abroad.

  • Ball Horticultural Company’s new web page highlights design, proven performance for growers, retailers & home gardeners. Visitors to the new Mixed Container Solutions web page from Ball Horticultural Company will see high-style designs and top-performing combos that reach any price point. More than 70 mixed container recipes have been creatively arranged by design and production experts from Ball.

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