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Proven Winners
September 15, 2011

Proven Winners

ColorChoice® Flowering Shrubs

You’ve probably heard that autumn is a great time to select shrubs for your home. And whoever told you this is right! Take a look around and see what areas you have that can use a touch of color next year. Here’s our searchable database for our Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Flowering Shrubs—which makes it easy to find the right shrub for your planting zone. And if you can’t find the shrub locally, check to see if we have it available to purchase online when you are looking at our variety options on our website.

There are a lot to choose from! A few of my favorites include Lo and Behold® Blue Chip Buddleia and Incrediball® Hydrangea. Both bring me pleasure in my yard each summer—I am busy watching the many butterflies enjoy the buddleia each season, or I am marveling at the unbelievable size of the hydrangea bloom. Both offer color for an extensive time of the growing season!


So plant now, and give yourself something to look forward to once the snow melts away!  

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