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Monrovia Introduces New Plants for 2012
by Judy Lynes
September 25, 2011

Monrovia, the leading grower of premium ornamental and edible plants, is introducing eight new exclusive and semi-exclusive varieties for 2012. “There are so many reasons why gardeners and design professionals prefer Monrovia plants,” explained Nicholas Staddon, director of new plants. “Not only do we strive to introduce improved varieties, but our plants are healthier, with stronger root systems and with a greater resistance to pests and diseases.”

Below are the new varieties, alphabetical by botanical name:

Agapanthus africanus ‘MonKageyama’
Sun Stripe® Agapanthus
USDA Zone 8 - 11

A unique variegated Agapanthus discovered by F.K. Nursery in Los Angeles. The center of the strap is green marbled with yellow stripes, bordered with a wide soft yellow margin. One of the widest straps on a variegated Agapanthus. Blue flower stalks appear in summer. Excellent in perennial gardens or containers. Works well in morning sun, but appreciates dappled shade in
hot afternoon. Reaches 20 inches tall and 24 inches wide.

Summer Snow Beautyberry
Callicarpa Summer Snow®
USDA Zone 6 - 10

A sprightly variegated form of the Beautyberry, with leaves handsomely splashed in white, providing a strong contrast to the clusters of pink flowers produced in summer. In fall, crops of purplish-blue berries appear. Sensational in mixed perennial borders. Plant in well-drained soil. Prefers sandy to clay soil with pH range of 5.0 to 7.5.
From the Dan Hinkley Collection

Pewter Pillar™ Winter’s Bark
Drimys winteri var. chiloense Pewter Pillar™
USDA Zone 7 - 10

Dan Hinkley selected this Chilean evergreen tree for its tight columnar growth habit and handsome leaf undersurface of silvery white. Bold glossy green leaves are clad to upright stems rising to 20 feet, while very pretty clusters of white flowers are presented at the end of each branch in late winter. A distinctive candidate as an unclipped hedge. Prefers well-drained soil. Tree of the year at 2010 Farwest Show.

Dolly’s Dress Fuchsia
Fuchsia microphylla ssp. aprica ‘Dolly’s Dress’
USDA Zone 7 - 9

Small-toothed leaves on upright twiggy stems bear large flared bright pink tubular flowers all summer long. Named after the vernacular name for this plant, Dolly Mixtures, and for the dress shape of the flowers. This moderate grower will reach five feet tall and wide. >From the Dan Hinkley Collection

Brakelights® Red Yucca
Hesperaloe parviflora ‘Perpa’ P.P.A.F. Brakelights®
USDA Zone 6 - 10

A compact new color selection of Hesperaloe parviflora. The vibrant, brake-light red flowers are a wonderful contrast to the standard form, which tends to be more pink or salmon colored. Its long bloom season and attractive gray-green foliage is striking in containers or massed into groups. Compact grower reaching two feet tall. Requires good drainage. Does not set seed, resulting in a longer bloom period.

Little Darling™ Hosta
Hosta hybrid ‘MonChard’ Little Darling™ P.P.A.F.
USDA Zone 3 - 7

This dwarf Hosta has a very tidy, mounding habit. Its leaves have a bright green and yellow
center with a stable variegation. Dainty lavender white flower spikes appear in July. A good garden performer and excellent small container plant. Reaches 10 inches tall and 14 inches wide. Prefers consistently moist, well-drained soil.

Golden Crane™ Hydrangea
Hydrangea angustipetala ‘MonLongShou’ Golden Crane’™
USDA Zone 6 - 10

An exciting addition to American gardens, this precocious Hydrangea, with large lacecaps of white and chartreuse, not only presents its flowers in late spring – the earliest of all Hydrangeas to blossom – but is highly scented, a trait very rare in Hydrangeas. This selection will blossom on new growth, however for best spring display of flowers do not prune after early September. This superb selection was made by Dan Hinkley from seed collected in Southern Sichuan Province, China. Prefers rich, porous soil. Pink flowers will be maintained in neutral or alkaline soil with pH of 7.0 or higher. Blue flowers will be maintained in acidic soil with pH range of 5.5 or below.

Emerald Colonnade® Ilex
Ilex x ‘RutHol 1’ P.P.A.F.
USDA Zone 7 - 9

A handsome rounded to pyramidal evergreen male Holly that can be used as a single specimen, or small group planting. Can also be used in containers, utilizing its natural form or shaping into a formal topiary. Emerald Colonnade™ also makes a superb hedge, screen or windbreak. The creation of Dr. John M. Ruter, a renowned plant breeder and researcher at the University of Georgia.

Founded in 1926, Monrovia is the leading grower of premium ornamental and edible plants, with more than 2,500 varieties. The company has introduced hundreds of improved plants, including more than 230 exclusives. Monrovia’s Distinctively Better® plants are nurtured in custom-blended, premium soil mixes, to produce healthy plants that flourish in the landscape. Monrovia soils and organic fertilizers are now packaged for home use. From its five, eco-friendly nurseries in Visalia and Venice Hills, Calif., Dayton, Ore., LaGrange, N.C. and Cairo, Ga., Monrovia distributes its plants through independent garden centers and re-wholesalers nationwide. The company remains a family owned entity. 

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