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Fragrant Bulbs of Fall
September 15, 2011

Fragrance is one of the most lasting of memories. Early childhood memories of a garden may be cloudy, except we always remember the fragrance of the flowers, the smell of the lawn and soil. An almost universal reaction to a beautiful flower is to give it a sniff. The ideal flower is beautiful and fragrant.

Bulbs can produce the most fragrant of flowers but these are relatively rare among the spring flowering bulbs. Our sense of smell is very subjective. We distributed a number of fragrant spring bulbs to a number of Garden Writers and it was curious to note that initially some of them didn't notice the fragrance at all. The reasons were simple: it was a chilly day, or a windy location or the flower hadn't matured enough. Cut some and bring them indoors where you can smell them easily.

TIP1: When cutting Tulips and Daffodils don't put them in the same vase. They just don't get along and will both last a much shorter time. All cut flowers keep best if they are in a relatively cool location out of direct sunlight.
TIP2: We have instructions on forcing bulbs for indoor flowering on our website. Click here to read our "how to".

Dugald Cameron

All of these posess a unique, spicy fragrance that everyone loves. Another benefit is that SQUIRRELS DON'T LIKE THEM. Hyacinths are one of the best for forced flowering indoors.

Some Lilies are amongst the most fragrant of fragrant flowers and fall is really the best time to plant them because they're freshly dug. It is also the only time you can plant the fabulous and fabled Lilium CANDIDUM which is only available in the fall. Other fragrant Lilies are HANSONII, PUMILUM, REGALE and SHEHERAZADE.

(Grape hyacinths) There are some nicely fragrant Muscari among the many we offer. Their shorter stature makes it a bit challenging to sniff up close so you're better off planting lots of them. Besides, they look so great with other bulbs. Our fragrant selections are ARMENIACUM, BLUE SPIKE and WHITE MAGIC.

(Daffodils) Like the other bulbs I've discussed above, there are a few with fragrance but not many. Those that are fragrant are wonderful. With the occasional exception they are either in the Jonquil (Div.7), Tazetta (Div.8) or Poeticus (Div.9) groups. An added benefit of these groups is that most have several flowers to a stem, adding to their fragrant impact. Our fragrant varieties are AMADEUS MOZART, FRAGRANT ROSE, GOLDEN DAWN, KOKOPELLI, MANLY, PIPIT and the famous Poet's Narcissus POETICUS RECURVUS. FRAGRANT ROSE is one of the wonderfully fragrant Narcissus with a strong fragrance of roses.

I'll bet many of you didn't think there is such a thing as a fragrant Tulip. Well, we list several deliciously scented varieties. Some have sold out but we still have a few BROWN SUGAR, MONTE CARLO and RENOWN UNIQUE.

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