Perennials That Perform in The Shade
August 28, 2011

Believe it or not, there are people out there who think that shade is a disadvantage for the gardener. I'd have thought that an afternoon weeding in the blazing summer sun would dispell that but some gardeners don't know (or have never seen) the wonderful variety of plants that thrive in shade. Better still, they're nice, well-rooted plants and ON SALE!

Our premium plants will be shipped Monday to Wednesdays and are 30% off.

Dugald Cameron



Mukdenia rossii KARASUBA - New 2011 introduction

Wowie - light my fire! This cool Korean cousin to Heuchera has large indented green leaves topped by delicate star-shaped flowers in mid to late spring. Starting at the tips the leaves turn to a brilliant scarlet as fall approaches ending the season with burning crimson crescendo. It loves a moist soil in sun to partial shade and makes a great ground cover, accent or container plant. It was discovered by Tony Avent when he was botanizing on the cliffs of Korea.


Sprays of bright blue, forget-me-not like flowers in early spring dance above silver and gold variegated foliage that looks great all summer. An excellent companion for Hellebores and Hosta. The name refers to the price this choice Brunnera once fetched and given our sale, it might be better called a steal.

Euphorbia BONFIRE

The early green foliage of BONFIRE quickly matures to a wonderful deep red and stays that way 'til frost. In spring, chartreuse flower-like bracts are produced and hover in sharp contrast above the compact burgundy leaves. It looks great with Heuchera and Heucherella.

Fancy FERNS - New 2011 introduction

The durability and textural component of ferns makes them a "must have" for shaded gardens. They contrast superbly with Hosta and Heuchera. We've got 3 varieties of choice ferns selected for their unique foliage. Dryopteris GOLDEN MIST has brilliant golden-orange spring foliage that matures to s deeper green. Athyrium VICTORIAE harkens back to the fern craze of the Victorian era when gardeners went mad for crested forms. Pardon the pun but VICTORIAE is considered the Queen of crested ferns. Lastly we have Athyrium APPLE COURT with all the wonderfully colourful fronds of the Japanese painted fern PLUS each frond is crested. The new silvery-grey foliage is often spashed with red. Originally from the Apple Court Nursery in England.


(Coral Bells) Heuchera are indispensible, evergreen plants for the shade garden. They're easy to grow in just about any kind of rich soil that doesn't get too dry and are hardy to zone 5 and probably zone 4 with some protection or snow cover. CHRISTA - New 2011 introduction The spring foliage is rose-purple with a peach underlay which becomes the dominant colour as the leaves mature. CHRISTA blooms later than other kinds of Heuchera with tiny, bell-shaped, pink flowers in midsummer. A perfect plant for shady borders or in containers.


Purple-veined, silver leaves with a mint-green edge change to silver and green for the summer, finishing a green and bronzed purple for fall. A spicy foliage addition for your shady garden that we've brought back after admiring how well they've looked in my garden over the years. White flowers in early summer.

Heucherella GOLDEN ZEBRA - New 2011 introduction

Wow, talk about contrast. Golden green foliage with ruby red centres and veining sure make a show. The foliage shape is also interesting as are the spires of creamy white flowers that dance above this amazing foliage from spring to summer. The tight crown of this plant makes it particularly suitable for container growing. A perfect plant for shady borders or in containers.

Tiarella SUGAR & SPICE

(Foamflower) A carpet of feathery pink-and-white bloom in early summer above attractive, deeply-incised, bright green foliage with purple centres. An indispensable ground cover for shade that blooms for weeks and weeks and looks great all summer long.

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