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My Two Cents Worth
August 15, 2011

My trip to Germany was very nice and we actually didn’t have any problems with the trains other than the worry of missing one of them. They run on time and you don’t want to be late! The countryside was so pretty to watch from the train. It really is quite a romantic way to travel – except for hauling luggage around. Everyone we met and asked questions of were so helpful. I will have something on that trip soon, but first I have to get to the Garden Writers Symposium in Indy and then back for a couple of weeks then off to Wales for another press trip. Darn near close to 130,000 miles this year just in flying. Coming home was a two day event for me as the flight from Frankfurt was delayed 12 hours which made me miss my Panama flight…so there you go, it happens, and you make the best of it. Came home to three dogs instead of one as we dog sat for friends while they were in Canada.

The kitchen reno is progressing and so far just two casualties – the fan light and one of the pieces of granite for the counter broke – thankfully they had just one piece left in that colour so we scooped that up quick. Cupboards are in, counters on, second sink in but not working yet and same with dishwasher but the washer and dryer work and so does the stove – first thing Tom made in his new stove? Fresh buns of course. He relaxes by baking and makes wonderful breads full of nuts and seeds.
This week should see the tile done in the new kitchen area and we found exactly what we were looking for in a rustic Tuscan tile with rough edges in the colour of muted caramel/beige. In the old part of the kitchen we are waiting for new lighting to sit over the tops of the cupboards.

A lot of work and money and dust, but thankfully I think at least the dust part is over as no more drilling!! Then after this is done, the guest bathroom and the guest bedroom bathroom.

I thought I would have Italy and Morocco done and I am still trying to have it at least up on the site before I leave for Indy. I will let you know on the home page of when ready as I know people are asking. I have 5 spaces left on Chelsea 2012, 2 spaces on India 2012 and all three Floriade tours are fully booked but I am trying to get more rooms so if you have been procrastinating you may still be able to come if I can get more rooms, so let me know so I can alert you when I know. South Africa is 50% booked already – I knew it would go quickly…

We now have on our Home Page and all the article pages the ability to share with your friends icons. They are at the TOP LEFT HAND SIDE OF THOSE PAGES ONLY. Just click on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn and you can send to others to read too! Thrilled I am that we could do this for our writers. Are you following me on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn?

Chat next month and in the meantime I hope you are spreading your veggies around with friends and the food banks.

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