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August 15, 2011


This spring we redesigned our plant boxes to reduce the amount of cardboard but still protect the plants. There may be better ways to test our improved packaging than having a 2 week postal strike plus a heat wave but it sure worked. Those of you whose orders were unfortunately stuck in the post kindly reported on their condition and while we wish the delay hadn't happened, we were pleased at how well the plants held up. The photo on the left is one of our Hellebores that had been in the post FOR OVER A MONTH!

I suspect that many of you who'd planned to take advantage of our plant sale didn't get a chance because of the Postal Strike. Thankfully the post is moving again so to tempt you to try again we've reduced our sale prices even further. Click here to visit our Specials Page.

Save 30% on some really nice plants (they're even bigger than they were in the spring).

Dugald Cameron


Light up your late summer garden with these glorious flowers that bloom for well over a month. We've got 3 of the latest creations by Rika Bronsthe: HARMONY, MATCHSTICKS and RHAPSODY.


We've got 4 choice varieties: CHRISTA, GOLDEN ZEBRA, GREEN SPICE and VENUS.


Try the latest 2011 introductions at a great price: MINNIE PEARL and SHOCKWAVE.




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