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Proven Winners
August 15, 2011

Proven Winners

A Real Home Run

It’s still baseball season, right? If you have a dark corner in the yard, consider adding this plant to your landscape for color year after year.

A Real Home Run

Home Run rose, sold by Proven Winners®, is hardy and compact. It blooms and re-blooms from the first blush of spring until the first frost. Plus, it’s “self-cleaning,” eliminating the need to remove the dead or spent flowers. It is also the only rose of its kind with natural immunity to both black spot and powdery mildew.

Home Run roses bloom nearly continuously with showy three-inch-wide, five-petal flowers of true “fire engine” red. It is the first to flower in spring and produce fresh flowers every day through the season. It is heat tolerant and hardy in colder temperatures, so it can thrive from Texas to Michigan.

A brand-new rose called Pink Home Run is identical in every way to Home Run rose except its showy blossoms are an intense shade of pink.

Both colors of Home Run are now available. Click to find a local retailer, or you can also order online right here.

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