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A New Better Butterfly Bush
by Ryan McGrath
August 21, 2011

Buddleia, or butterfly bush, has been a mainstay of gardens for generations. True to its name, butterfly bush attracts flocks of butterflies, as well as hummingbirds, adding extra enjoyment to your garden. Buddleias are also drought tolerant once established, making them an excellent choice for areas with water usage restrictions.

Unfortunately, run-of-the-mill buddleia also grows about 6-foot tall in summer, a problem for smaller gardens. The traditional varieties of buddleia are also proving to be weedy and even invasive in some areas, to the point of facing outright bans through legislation in some states, such as Oregon.

But recently, Proven Winners ColorChoice has taken a classic and improved it with Lo & Behold™ Blue Chip Buddleia.

Lo & Behold ‘Blue Chip’ is a miniaturized butterfly bush, so it’s compact enough to plant in a pot on your patio while keeping its appeal to butterflies.

In addition, Lo & Behold ‘Blue Chip’ is non-invasive. This cultivar will not overwhelm the landscape, and never develops the weedy, unkempt habit so typical of butterfly bush. Now even gardeners with limited space can attract butterflies and hummingbirds to their garden with colorful buddleia.

‘Blue Chip’ is also one of the few buddleia permitted for sale in the state of Oregon, where it is sold as a Summer Lilac” rather than a Butterfly Bush to comply with state regulations.

Best of all, Lo & Behold ‘Blue Chip’ is only miniature butterfly bush with loads of fragrant blue flowers that bloom continuously. You won’t need to prune this plant as you do older varieties of buddleia. A true survivor, Lo & Behold ‘Blue Chip’ is deer resistant and both drought and frost tolerant. In addition, it will bloom from mid-summer to frost without deadheading.

Lo & Behold ‘Blue Chip’ was chosen as a top two favorite by the Royal Horticulture Society Buddleia Trials and was awarded the Blue Ribbon at the Mid-Am Nursery show as “The Best New Plant” of 2009. In in February 2010, it was awarded the Gold Medal for “Best New Plant” at the Salon de Végétal in France.

You can find Lo & Behold ‘Blue Chip’ is for sale in better garden centers in the white Proven Winners container. And to learn more about the plant, visit

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