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My Two Cents Worth
July 15, 2011

Nice to be home for sure was. Tom left for a trip to Canada on the 9th and while he was away I got busy sorting and cleaning out fours years worth of paper. Then I set about doing the recaps of the tours to Morocco, Paris/Chelsea and Italy plus I cleaned out all of the bad photos. At least I think they are all cleaned out. If you notice any, please let me know. From there I went to other closets and drawers and boy does it feel good to have all of that done now.

In between all of this we are having our kitchen renovated and I had to live with drilling on an off for a few days while our concrete walls were dug out to lay pipes for water, gas, electrical and drains. Then once this is done the new cupboards get installed and our appliances put in and we are back to living in a home without cabinets sitting in the living room. Our appliances are coming by boat and Tom is sure looking forward to his new convection/gas stove. I am looking forward to having a dishwasher again. From this we then go into the guest bathroom to gut it and replace fixtures and tiles. Then off to the stores to get blinds and a new sofa and we are done.

We have seen a lot of rain here in the last little while. One day we had three storms pass through and dump so much water, thankfully we have two oceans to take it all away. I wish I could send it to those needing water. It seems so unfair as I know there are those desperate for it.

Tom is home now, home and happy to be away from mosquitoes … yes that is true. There were many more in Alberta than there are here where we live, and home to where it is nice and warm. He had a great visit with family and friends but as you know with trips like that, they are usually so jam packed with visits that you really don’t feel it a holiday as such.

I am hopefully, going to have the Italy and Morocco tours for 2012 done soon. So many people want to see them. I am seeing so many people from other countries on the tours now and it’s wonderful to find out how others garden. I only have a couple of spots left on the India tour and South Africa is a third booked already. Anyway, you can see the tours at our tours only site at 

I am off to Germany the end of the month – another country I have not visited, except for the Frankfurt airport (many times) then the GWA Symposium in August!

I wish you a wonderful time in your garden until the next newsletter!

If you take risks and have trust, you’ll almost always be rewarded with a beautiful harvest.” Lois Hole

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