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Proven Winners
July 15, 2011

Proven Winners

Drought Tolerant Plants

As a scorching heat wave slowly moves through the United States, many of us look out the window of our air conditioned homes hoping that the plants we have chosen for our gardens can endure.

One way to help see your garden through the season is to choose plants that fit the area in which you want to use and to consider those that can survive drought conditions a bit better than others. Keep in mind that all plants need to be established with at least two weeks of consistent watering before their ability to miss a watering or two kicks into gear.

HERE is an article from Proven Winners that lists many drought tolerant plants and breaks them out in the categories of annual, perennial, shrub and grasses/succulents.

A favorite of mine is Flambe™ Chrysocephalum—available in both Orange and Yellow. This is THE plant that will tolerant that hot, dry part of your yard that never seems to get enough water. It LOVES the heat and dry conditions and will flower continuously all summer. Small round flowers burst from upright stems, making this also a great choice for containers—either on its own or in combination with other drought tolerant choices.

Stay cool this summer, and enjoy the beauty of Proven Winners in your garden every season! For more information visit 


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