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My Two Cents Worth
June 15, 2011

My Two Cents Worth

So, here it is … my 60th Birthday. I probably shouldn’t make that much out of it, and really it’s not that big a deal but here it is anyway. I have much to be grateful for. Health, happiness, a great marriage of over 35 years, a husband who allows me to travel and is quite able to look after both house and home while I am away, a job that I don’t consider a job, for it is a passion of mine that was allowed to blossom like a garden, filling me with wonder at all the new things that I would be able to discover and share. So many things really.

Friends coming over with roses, champagne and chocolates …. then the six of us going out for dinner in Casco Viejo at a fantastic restaurant called S'Cena  It was lovely. We had our own room and Tom had arranged for the ladies to have orchids. Great company and food.
Are any of you hitting 60 this year? How do you feel about that.

It’s the rainy season, did I tell you that? Rain almost every day now for some period of time. The Flame of the Forest trees love this weather and are showing their pleasure with huge plumes of orange/red flowers.

Everything is nice and green and the river beside us is full of birds hunting for the little fish. We even have seen alligators and turtles.

We are doing some kitchen renovations, what we call our second renovation. This is not nearly as major as the third one will be, when we actually gut the kitchen to make it bigger with an island and replace all the tiles in the condo. But this one is a bit of work as we are adding a whole new area of cupboards and counter to fit in a big industrial sink and dishwasher, putting in a new convection gas/electric stove and exhaust hood and changing our old washer/dryer to a stackable set. All the cupboards will get refaced with a wonderful dark wood and sleek door handles and a couple will even have translucent door panels on them. Exciting and more for Tom really because now he can really get back into his bread baking. I just cannot imagine what it will be like cooking a turkey in a convection oven though. Can you believe that no one in Panama had our Bosch dishwasher or Bertazzoni stove so we had to order them from the U.S. and have them shipped over here to Panama.

When I was in Grenada in January for a press trip we saw so much and were excited to share with others this beautiful island and some of the gardeners we met. I am very pleased to present to you an article that I did for their regional airline magazine called ZING These people were so genuine and wonderful to meet, I hope you enjoy my little memory of them and who knows perhaps I may just do a garden tour to this area…let me know if this interests you.


There is an article up in the Panama News that I wrote on Hibiscus…

I am home until the end of July now and will use this time to get caught up. I have lots of new pictures up for you on the trips and tours but I have not done the recaps of those yet. I also want to use this time to finish off the Italy tour and the Morocco tour as I have lines of people waiting for those.

I am thinking of 2013 and even 2014 tours. In June 2014 there is a huge flower show held by the World Association of Floral Arrangers in Dublin, Ireland and I have been asked to put a tour together for Ireland to include that show. Are you interested? If so let me know. What about other places…I would love your input as to where you might like to see me put some tours together for. Turkey and Malaysia are on my list as a start. I will do a tour to Paris/Chelsea in 2013.

Well, until the next issue, happy gardening and wishing you all a Happy Canada Day July 1st and a Happy July the 4th.


Long a symbol of love and passion, the rose is rich with history and meaning. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, presented a rose to Eros, and Cleopatra lured Mark Antony with a room knee-deep in rose petals. Though each color offers a distinct meaning an and the number of stems offers a singular message an this June birth flower signifies beauty and perfection.

-Donna, Italian origin, means lady or noble lady, beautiful. (I will have to remember this next time my Irish temper wants to show itself!)

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