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May 13, 2011

Green and Brown Sungarden Greenhouses On Sale!

The Sungarden is the strongest do-it-yourself greenhouse available.

We have a surplus of green and brown Sungarden greenhouses and they are available for the same price as white - $2195. Save over $300 while quantities last!

With exceptional design that boosts energy efficiency, the Sungarden hobby greenhouse kit is built with unbreakable polycarbonate glazing that withstands heavy snow loads and 80 mph winds. The stylish curved eave design is ideal for avid gardeners who desire the tall sidewalls and extra growing space.

Designed by gardeners - this greenhouse is built for generations.

Contact us today to find out why thousands of gardeners agree!

Our New Customer Referral Program!

Our best advertising has always been word of mouth. We would like to pay it forward and announce our new BCG Customer Referral program.

If you are an existing BC Greenhouse customer with every referral that results in a sale, BCG will make a $75 in-kind donation to either the Red Cross or the United Way. In addition, we will also ship a free Caframo circulating fan to the friend you kindly sent our way.

You can click here to download the referral form or simply have your friend provide us the information when they call.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best choices for heating a greenhouse?

In a moderate climate, the best choice for keeping a greenhouse above freezing is a small electric heater. The most cost effective way to operate is to aim the heater away from the door and place a small circulating fan at the opposite end of the greenhouse. The idea is to create a micro weather system where the air is always turning. It is important to keep the fan on even in winter as it will stop hot pockets from going up too high and keep the air circulating which is critical for plants. This also reduces heat loss and you’ll save money as you aren’t wasting the heat you are producing.

For larger greenhouse, small greenhouse in cold climates or orchid growers: high capacity electric or LP or Natural gas heaters. The capacity is dictated by the cold outside temp in night time, the desired night time minimum temperature in winter and the surface area square footage of the greenhouse and the glazing. We have a formula that provides the heating requirements for your greenhouse.
For Orchid Growers – backup generators are common or gas heating in the event of power outages. Portable camping heaters are also used in the event of power outages.

How do I use solar heating in my greenhouse?

  • Thermal heat syncs such as black barrels filled with water are commonly used to heat a greenhouse.

  • Solar panels would provide some energy in a warm climate but would not provide the amount of electricity needed to heat a greenhouse in a cold climate.

  • Energy curtains are often used to retain heat generated in the day and reduce the volume of the greenhouse needed to be heated. This increases energy efficiency by heating only the space in use.

  • Some greenhouse gardeners like to create different temperate zones in their greenhouse and will use energy blankets or plastic partitions to create the temperature differences. It is important to note that we do offer greenhouses with built in partition walls as an added feature.

How can I incorporate In-Floor or Radiant Heating into my greenhouse?

In-floor heating is not recommended as the only source of heat as it will cause roots to burn. The radiant heat from baseboards is ideal as forced air isn’t as natural for plants.

Is Geothermal a good idea?

Geothermal heating tends to be quite expensive and practical only if it is tied to another project or meant for commercial purposes.

What’s the best way to cool my greenhouse?

The general rule of thumb is the more, the better. Automatic roof vents are included and quantity is dependent on size. Additional cooling might be required based on the application of the greenhouse.

For smaller greenhouses and larger ones not used in the summer, you will not need extra cooling systems. Natural shade would be sufficient.

I’m thinking of buying an Exhaust fan system. What are the benefits?

Passive cooling is more economical and energy efficient and very popular with the green movement when using convection theories. Louvered windows and side vents work really well to aid passive cooling in this regard.
Larger Greenhouse, greater than 160 sq. ft., often do well with an exhaust fan system to forcibly exchange the hot inside air with fresh, cooler outside air.

Mechanized exhaust fan systems and passive cooling do not work well together. The fan will just pull from the closest source.

It’s important to note that in winter you would not want to rely on mechanized exhaust fan systems as you could be pumping in cool or freezing air which would be disastrous for plants.

Check the next I Can Garden newsletter for further Frequently Asked Questions!

Customer Gallery

“We have a busy life in Houston and our property near Lake Buchanan provides much needed stress relief. After many years of hauling plants into and out of our makeshift lean-to, it was time to build a greenhouse. We wanted something that added to the beauty of the area and we found BC Greenhouse Builders. Their selection is incredible and because of the property layout, we needed doors in the sidewalls. They were able to customize anything we needed. The staff is so nice to work with and their service is exceptional!” S.C.

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