How to Squirrel Proof a Birdfeeder

Product announcement
by Chris Beatty
May 8, 2011

Just in time for spring and bird watching, Messina Wildlife wants to help your readers get the scoop on how to keep those pesky squirrels away from backyard bird feeders, while attracting more birds then ever before.

Messina Wildlife management has been providing animal damage tools over 20 years and this spring we are bringing our special expertise in stopping squirrels from foraging, nesting and doing damage.

• Messina’s Squirrel Stopper gives backyard bird watchers the best tool to protect birdseed from squirrels by smell, taste and feel. It’s pleasant smelling and easy to use; just spread the birdseed on some newspaper and spray the birdseed with an even amount of Squirrel Stopper, let dry for 30 minutes and fill your bird feeder.

• Best of all, Messina Wildlife’s Squirrel Stopper 100% organic and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Attracting songbirds to your bird feeder can bring music, beauty and joy. To create a habitat to bring birds to your back yard, you need to provide food, water and some shelter. Bird feeders with a variety of seed help to make your yard bird friendly. A birdbath with clean water can attract birds that might not normally come to your bird feeder. Nesting boxes can keep birds at your feeder longer, providing a place for their young.

Squirrels can be the most persistent creatures on earth. They will keep trying and trying as long as they think there is a chance to succeed. Squirrel proof your bird feeders with these suggestions:

• Cages– Place a wire or mesh cage around the bird feeder, squirrels will not fit through but smaller birds will.

• Baffles– Add smooth plastic or metal baffles above and below the bird feeders.

• Spinners– Hang a feed from a thin horizontal wire, string with spinners to stop squirrels from climbing.

• Seed– While squirrels will eat almost any type of birdseed but they are less attracted to Nyjer and Safflower seed.

• Repellent - Commercial repellents are available at your local hardware or nursery. Messina Wildlife Management offers an organic Squirrel Stopper.

The idea behind Messina’s products is simple: repel pests, not customers™ by using the animals’ senses against them. Without the use of pain or fear, Squirrel Stopper can stop squirrel damage while still providing a positive experience to the user. Squirrel Stopper will dry clear and smells good. It is rain resistant and should not be applied to delicate plant material like flowers and leafy greens.

This effective product comes in a ready to use:

• 32 Ounce trigger bottle

• 35.2 Ounce pump bottle

• Gallon refill that covers 4,000 Sq. Ft.

Messina’s goal is to provide innovative, highly effective, well-researched, safe and convenient organic animal management tools, while continuing to be a go-to source for help with any animal management issue. “Since 1988, our family has helped hundreds of thousands of people with their animal problems. If we can’t help you with one of our own proven effective products, we’ll tell you who can. That’s our promise” - James D. Messina, Vice President Messina Wildlife Management is a privately-owned family business that manufactures a full line of all natural and organic animal management tools under three brand names: Animal Stoppers®, Animal Solutions™ and Plotsaver®. Their products can be found throughout the United States, in all 50 states, at mass merchants and independent retailers including garden centers, hardware stores, convenience stores, grocery stores and other outlets, as well as on the pages of multiple websites.

Please click on the link to check out Messina Wildlife Management’s Squirrel Stopper.

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