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April 15, 2011

TidBits of Information

  • Dear Donna, I wanted to pass along a new online, non-profit garden magazine entitled Soiled and Seeded -  We are based out of Toronto and are prepping for our third edition. Hope you enjoy it. And please feel free to pass the link along. All the best, Barbara

  • Hi Donna, I enjoyed looking at some of your garden pix. You’re invited to see my video of the Canada Blooms 2011 Award Winners at  Enjoy. Peter Mykusz

  • Dan Clost shares a wonderful article called ‘Pick the Flowers’ here

  • Art Drysdale tells us of a new rhododendron from England from High Beeches – which is a garden I have not seen yet! Here…  it’s to be called ‘Royal Wedding’.

  • did you ever think there would be anything neat about having dandelions? Well read this

  • making gardening easier with mulches

  • are you At Home With Composting?

  • Feeding the City

  • Readers Grow Into Leaders Literacy Program Update. The program is still going strong! There are two schools left to visit out of the twelve that were on my list. So far, sponsors have made it possible for me to give away about 500 books valued at $6,500.00. I still have about 200 books to give away to students and I am waiting on word from the Public School Board on which schools to visit. A huge thank you to all the sponsors who have made this program a success! If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a sponsor …

  • Food Fun is a great resource for parents and teachers to stress the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • What is scarification? Scarification means scratching the seed coat with a nail file or sandpaper to hasten germination.

  • ‘Hi Donna - I am very excited so I am spreading the news that my new book: No Guff Vegetable Gardening was #2 on the Calgary Herald's bestselling list yesterday. Please pass the word along to your friends and encourage everyone to buy a book this week so that we can make it to Number 1 this time!

    Also- I am sending along a newsletter from our new web page- please feel free to sign up or pass along the info.’ Donna Balzer

  • Hi Donna, I had to laugh when I saw the comment about the "Crocs" ! I've experienced the worn out treads and learned a little trick that enabled me to get some more miles out of them.! I use my dremmel and follow the worn lines on the bottoms! It doesn't take too much to make some new treads! Of course you must not go too deep! It works! Love your newsletter, Linda

  • ‘Hi there; Just wanted to let you know how much I so look forward to your I Can Garden Monthly Newsletter. While we seem to be having the never ending winter up here in the north your letter gives me hope that yes, spring surely must be on its way.’ Claire

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