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My Two Cents Worth
April 15, 2011

This newsletter goes out just prior to me leaving on tour. I can hardly wait…but then I can hardly wait for any of them. From this tour I head to our Paris/Chelsea tour and then finish off with the Tuscan Treasures tour. I guess what makes them so special is that I have so many repeat tour guests so that I feel they are a way of getting back together again on another adventure. Check the tours only site to see what is coming up next year and let me know if anything excites you!  is the place.

Here at home I am seeing all sorts of plants in bloom. Each season brings a new batch and right now we have gingers, ixora and heliconia – always seem to be in bloom somewhere, but the fantastic splashes of colour from the trees is incredible. Frangipani, the Tabeluia trees with their soft pink flowers, the scarlet flowers of the Delonix or Flame of the Forest tree, the shocking yellow of the Cassia fistula or Golden Shower tree and the lavender flowers of Lagerstroemia speciosa or Pride of India all brighten up the beginning of our rainy or winter season. Then you add the climbers like the Quisqualis indica or Rangoon Creeper in shades of crimson and the purple and white flowers of the Thunbergia grandiflora, well I could go on and on but you get the idea. All so very different from living in Zone 3a Alberta!

There is an article in The Panama News … totally forgot what a cool picture I got of a little creature on a ginger flower ... take a look …

We are also starting on a bit of a kitchen renovation and with my travels it looks like Tom is going to take over and get it organized. New appliances, a new counter and a big deep sink to take those pots and pans … and oh yay … finally a dishwasher! Homes here usually don’t have dishwashers because they have maids to wash the dishes don’t you know! Well, I am thankful to have a cleaner a couple of times a week and it does make it much easier for Tom while I am away.

Just back from a trip to Thailand during Songkran – which is really just a huge water free for all. A whole lot of pictures have been added to our Pix area. Now you can take a look at some of them from Thailand and Morocco and then come along with me on next year’s tours. Oh, and if you do come with me to Thailand, we must eat Durian…now I know you have heard it is horrible and I thought so too the first time I tried it in Malaysia, but here in Thailand, it is different and when you see some of the garden writers chowing down on it in my pictures from the April trip, you will see that we loved it!! So different, so sweet and no smell at all.

Until next month …. enjoy this special time in your garden as spring is just the best!!

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