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Bonfire® Begonias and Festival™ Burgundy Cordyline
by Laurie Riedman
April 17, 2011

Two red-hot garden plants, Bonfire begonias and Festival Burgundy cordyline, star in Tesselaar’s latest online how-to gardening videos by Dave Epstein of Growing Wisdom, a popular weekly, online, how-to video show for home gardeners and gardening pros. The videos, “Festival Burgundy Cordyline – Great in Containers and the Garden” and “Creative Containers with Bonfire Begonias,” are expected to garner as many as hundreds of thousands or even millions of hits online, just as Epstein’s other offerings have in the past few years.

Introduced by Tesselaar as part of its ongoing efforts to “make gardening easier,” the how-to videos are also part of a larger trend – the exponentially growing consumption of online video.

ComScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, just last week released data showing that 170 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in February for an average of 13.6 hours per viewer. The total U.S. Internet audience engaged in more than 5 billion viewing sessions during the course of the month. And according to YouTube, more than 35 hours of video is uploaded to the site every minute. Marketing experts predict that growth to continue as more consumers rely on video to inform their purchasing decisions, especially as they access video on-the-go via mobile phones.

“As a marketer, video offers a more engaging, dynamic way to communicate the value of what you offer,” says Anthony Tesselaar, co-founder and president of the Australia-based Tesselaar Plants (the developer of the groundbreaking Flower Carpet® roses, Tropicanna® cannas and the new, chocolate-leaved Bonfire begonias). “As the online world becomes more and more ubiquitous, this is how the gardening industry and others like it are reaching out to consumers.”

The two latest how-to videos from Tesselaar Plants can be seen on its website, its newsroom, YouTube and Growing Wisdom. But it’s these videos’ reach into the larger online world that’s making them viral. Just a few minutes long, they can reach someone on a lunch break at work who received the link via email, a busy mom who saw it while catching up with friends on Facebook or a grandparent whose daughter hit the “Share” button while watching it on YouTube.

What’s more, Tesselaar’s how-to videos are being viewed by gardeners in increasing numbers. Just one recent clip, “Planting Flower Carpet Roses Along a Walkway,” has already scored more than a million hits from viewers just on YouTube and (a popular DIY video website). Two other Flower Carpet videos, on pruning and planting the roses in containers, respectively, have already racked up more than 180,000 and 20,000 views on those two sites, respectively. In total, Tesselaar’s most recent videos have garnered 1.3 total views on YouTube and (60 million and 16 million visitors a month, respectively). Beyond that, the segments have also showed up on DIY websites like (200,000 visitors a month) and video search engines like (1.5 million views per month). (All traffic data, for US only, according to

“The reach of the online world is increasing exponentially, and we need to meet our customers in that world,” says Tesselaar. “When we do break through all that noise and clutter, we can’t just tell them how much of a value something is – we have to show them.”

Tesselaar Plants has been creating videos that provide design ideas and plant information for years. The following are links to the latest Growing Wisdom segments featuring Tesselaar Plants. The company encourages consumers, bloggers and online publications to feel free to link to and share these popular videos.

Video links to share:

“Festival Burgundy Cordyline – Great in Containers and the Garden” – “Creative Containers with Bonfire Begonias” –

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About Tesselaar

Headquartered in Australia, Tesselaar Plants searches the world and introduces new plants for the home garden, landscape, home décor and gift markets. Tesselaar Plants undertakes extensive research and development of its varieties and, once selected for introduction, provides marketing and promotional support for its plant brands through its grower and retail network. Tesselaar’s portfolio of plants is small by design, given rigorous standards that result in high-quality, dramatic, prolific plants that are also environmentally friendly and exceptionally easy to grow.

The Tesselaar philosophy is to introduce exceptional plants while “making gardening easy” for everyone, and so they make them widely available as possible. We believe that the more people who garden, the better it is for everyone.

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