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My Two Cents Worth
March 15, 2011

April is just around the corner isn’t it…you know, living here in a country where you only get two seasons plays a number on your mind, especially after living just about all your life in a country with four seasons. Here we never have to worry about heavy clothes, just making sure we have enough umbrellas! Here there are no snowboots, only crocs for the rainy season – and making sure your crocs have tread left so you don’t slip on sidewalks that get algae growing on them if they are in the shade. Plants grow year round and I have learned the art of tough love where pruning is concerned. I have lived here for over 4 years and I still pinch myself when I come out of an air-conditioned building into the warmth. It should be the other way around shouldn’t it?

I was at Canada Blooms in Toronto and was pleasantly surprised with the weather. I had been told it would be very cold, but you know, they had a bit of a warm front come through and stepping outside at 1 in the morning to get my shuttle to the hotel, it felt very refreshing…well, that and the fact that I had four layers of tops on … plus my pashmina. Never forget it is always best to dress in layers….

Our Garden Writers Regional Meeting always takes place during the show and it was a blast meeting both old and new friends. As always, lots of loot to take home and this time I even took home an orchid … I loved the colour and it sits on my desk to remind me of the trip. I had a real surprise while there - I was thrilled to receive from Horticultural Trades Association, Landscape Ontario the Garden Communicator Award 2011.

Each year Landscape Ontario recognizes outstanding contributions to the horticulture industry through its Awards of Excellence program. In conjunction with their trade show Congress, they hold an Awards Ceremony where more than 600 leading industry professionals and special guests are in attendance. Awards are given for landscape construction, maintenance and design. They also have a special awards program where they recognize individuals and companies for industry related successes.

I was not able to attend Congress for the Awards Ceremony so they made arrangements to present this to me at our meeting!

Remember my trip to Grenada in January? Well, there will be a beautiful article coming out on Grenada in the LIAT Airlines magazine called ZING! July is the issue.

We are thrilled to be able to present this tour for October 2012. We think you will be most impressed with the itinerary….gardens, game drives and glorious South African scenery! It also includes some relaxation time in some beautiful hotels where I know you will enjoy just being in the moment. This one pager is just to whet your appetite…. 

I will have a much longer day by day itinerary later on but this should be enough for you to say you are coming along on what will be a thoroughly enjoyable experience with me in South Africa! We want this group to be on the smaller side so if you want to join me, then please let me know at  (it is booking already!)

I am busy trying to get the tours finalized for the next few months…why did I ever do so many in a row!! And why did I do that again next year!! Thankfully just about complete and just the tour notes to get out to the groups. I am so lucky to be doing what I love and what I love best is seeing so many repeat tour guests coming back each year…it’s like seeing old friends.

I head back to Thailand next week – this time visiting Pattaya and Rayong along with Bangkok and Chiang Mai – taking a group over on a press trip.
Have a great month … April is Spring!!

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