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Hellebores in Spring
March 27, 2011

Hellebores in Spring

Hooray! the snow is melting, snowdrops are flowering, our Hellebores are showing in the garden and soon they too will be flowering. For those of you who haven't discovered these fabulous plants they are among the first perennials to flower in our gardens, sometimes even in March! They bloom for months, tolerate shade in the summer and are very long-lived. Originally woodland plants, Hellebores grow best in a "woodsy" soil with plenty of organic material and benefit from a generous feeding of compost and/or manure. The more you feed them the better they grow.

By springtime their evergreen foliage can look a little tattered. These worn out leaves can detract from the flowers so it's a good idea to remove them. This is a delicate operation because you don't want to damage the emerging flower stems. There is no better tool for this job than our Bahco precision pruner from France.

Our Hellebore plants are happily growing in our greenhouse and shipments will start in late May.

Helleborus foetidus

(Stinking Hellebore) With a name like this you'd wonder why we would even offer it, but this gorgeous plant is misnamed: it hardly has any smell that I can detect. Its unlovely name is more than made up for in sheer vigour and profusion of flowers and foliage. Deeply-divided, dark green leaves are showy all season, and clusters of pale green flowers bloom for weeks and weeks in spring. A seldom offered member of the Hellebore family.

Big and abundant flowers on pencil thick stems are held well above their evergreen foliage. These new hybrids are from master plantsman Chris Hansen. Ht. 45-56cm (18-22"), spread 50-60cm (20-24"). Hardy to zone 4.

Grape purple 9cm (3.5") blooms with dark purple flecks will mature to plants with over 50 flowers open at once. A vigorous Hellebore. It looks great with ICE FOLLIES.




Huge 8cm (3") creamy yellow flowers are splashed with burgundy flecks on each petal. This is the flowering and vigour champion of this group, with up to 100 flowers per plant at maturity.

Large 9.5cm (3.75") bright pink to dusky pink flowers are dusted with wine-pink spots on the petals. Most have a soft blush pink reverse while others have a nicely contrasting white.

Dramatic, velvety deep red to burgundy red, 9cm (3.5") flowers are deeper coloured towards the contrasting yellow green central nectarines.


What better way to have a great display in the early spring with one each of the Winter Thriller Hellebores. You save almost 10%.§ion=PP




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